What Is Your Favorite Feature/Tool in Ecency?


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I have used Ecency for almost a year and love it a lot. I came from hive.blog so to users of Ecency they know its night and day comparison. Ecency by far is light years ahead of hive.blog when it comes to writing posts. The tools within how writers can create their posts are easy to use and makes blogging fun. If I had to put one specific favorite feature with Ecency it would be its "edit history" when editing a submitted post. Here is my story of an incidentally I recently had that lead me to using "edit history" and falling in love with the feature.

Daily and Weekly Post Templates


I blog daily so to save time when I write my posts I have templates saved in Ecency. Everyday I go to one or two of these templates to start my blog posts. It has all the titles and html tags I need without having to repeatedly the same typing everyday. They are a time saver.

About a few days ago I was going through a usual weekly Splinterlands post on weekly battle. I had a standard battle post template that was out of date somewhat but my most recent weekly battle post at the time was what I wanted to use to start a new post.


Eager to start writing my new post I took my old post and selected "edit". I was planning to copy paste the old post on to a new blank sheet but must have been too excited and when straight to rewriting on the old post. When I finish writing I immediately clicked the button on bottom right without reading the exact text. In my head I was use to seeing "post" but at the time it was not that but I still clicked it.


What happened next was something I had done before but not in Ecency. What I did was basically wrote a new post but put it in an outdated post entry. The drawback with writing on the blockchain is that the post could not be retracted. Or so I thought.

Ecency's Edit History


I had anticipated my old post was long gone since I wrote over it and save it with the new post. Fortunate when I went through Ecency's options for editing blog post they have a "Edit History" post. Here this feature allows blog writers to be able to go back to the prior post submission dates and it shows the before and after with highlighted text. What an amazing feature and one that I know for certain is not on hive.blog.


After this mistake of writing a new post on a older submitted post I have learn to always keep my templates up to date. Although I do not often go through editing my templates it is wise to now do so. On the bright side it was great to discover this nice feature of "Edit History" of post in Ecency. If I did not make the mistake I would never had found and use the feature.

Thanks Ecency and appreciate all the readers who gone this far. :)

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