Discipline; A deciding factor of getting things done

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It’s so easy to overlook discipline especially when factors such as commitment and persistence are in the mix. In the world of today, we have basically overlooked the importance of discipline and it was not so before now. My case study on the case might seem a little odd but using a popularly known person will help drive home the point.

Before going further, what do we understand discipline to be? Almost everyone mistake discipline for dedication and commitment. But they all have different meanings to each other even though all could be grouped as a skill or trait. Discipline can be seen as adhering to rules which guilds one action. Now that we know what it is, we can clearly see the importance of discipline.

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Most things for granted and others don’t even see it as something to consider. The funny fact is in all aspect of life. Discipline is needed and it serves as a moral compass. It is mental and moral, it’s safe to say it also connects with our mindset and that reflects from the action taken by us. Every professional in any sphere of life needs this, as this is what set them apart from a commoner.


With that in mind, let use two professionals footballer who was known to be great on the field of play and who as even won a lot of personal and team accolades; Christiano Ronaldo and Ronaldinho as the case study. Between this two, a lot of beautiful goals were scored, outstanding for both clubs and country and also fans favourite.

This two made lots of headline on the pitch with their trills, kicks, dribbles, free kicks and even celebrations. On the field, they were both great and some people even argued that Ronaldinho was the much better player of the two. Regardless of that being true, one player is broke now and the other is a billionaire.

What set that apart was their discipline off the field, while Ronaldo is known to be a hard worker, he doesn’t drink alcohol, has no tattoos on his skin, he doesn’t party or goes clubbing and not even a womanizer. He was self-disciplined and it reflected in his life, finances and career, that even at a ripe age of 36 years where most players consider retirement, he is still going strong and hungry for more success.

Now, when it comes to the case of Ronaldinho, it’s quite the opposite because he lacks discipline and even after ending his career as a footballer at age 35, this indiscipline follows him and now he is broke. A lot has happened to Ronaldinho since retirement from being given an ambassadorship role to going to prison to being bailed by Eto in prison and also been evacuated from his ambassadorship role with Barcelona football club.

I hope gives you guys a brief insight of how discipline is as important as commitment, persistence, dedication and hard work.

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