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Today I’ve decided to spend my lockdown time discussing that which has impacted most of the world’s population in various forms. COVID-19 is a topic that we all, in one way or another, think about and have our daily lives effected by.


I have done lots of digging into COVID-19 as a result of widespread internet censorship on the topic of the the virus. Essentially the mainstream media narrative (in the United States) of the virus is that a new virus emerged out of a seafood market in Wuhan China. If this is the case, why ban and censor other opinions about the virus? If people are just “conspiracy nutjobs” what threat is their hot air to the “truth” of the media narratives?

So here in this article, after much research, I present to you the alternative non-mainstream narrative regarding this event. Consider me (the author of this article) an objective observer. I’ve found through a variety of sources what appears to be the most clear facts that support the alternative narrative. Let’s take a look at the alternative narrative that has emerged from the internet and evaluate for ourselves if it has any value or not.

First, we will begin with the origin of COVID-19. A very well investigated and sourced documentary put together by The Epoch Times puts together a damning series of facts that assert that the Coronavirus was not a product of nature but rather a product of a laboratory. I will link to the documentary below but with a 54:17 minute runtime I will summarize the highlights for those who do not have the time to watch it right now or for if the video gets removed.

ni8zpa.jpg (Source: The Epoch Times, YouTube)

Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus. Watch Below:

Although the facts presented in the documentary are easy to follow, I’m going to change the order of the information as it appears in this article so as to present it in a chronological and linear fashion that best supports the alternative narrative.

Not long into the documentary the discussion begins about a top virologist named Shi Zhengli who works for the Wuhan Institute of Virology who specializes in SARS like coronaviruses.

0vaz4a.jpg (Source:

In 2010 it becomes a major focus of Shi Zhengli’s research to learn how the potential ability for coronaviruses to cross the barrier of species can become a reality. This brings SARS S-proteins into the spotlight. S-Proteins also known as Spike Proteins are the spike like protrusions from the coronavirus cell indicated in the picture below as Spike Glycoprotein (S).

0zuvg0.jpg (Source: The Epoch Times, YouTube)

On October 30th 2013 Shi Zhengli published a paper in the Nature Science Journal reporting that she had successfully isolated from multiple coronaviruses one that had a particular S-Protein that would successfully integrate with the ACE2 receptor. This paper essentially confirms the success of the focus of the research that Shi practiced starting in 2010 as infecting human cells is now possible.

3qqhtk.jpg (Source:

Read the 2013 Nature Journal Paper Here.

Download the PDF of the 2013 paper Here.

The S-Protein and the ACE2 receptor are very important because together they function like a lock and a key. The S-Protein is the key and the ACE2 receptor the lock. In the picture below you can see the S-Protein seated inside the ACE2 receptor.

sd2hmu.jpg (Source: The Epoch Times, YouTube)

On November 9th 2015 Shi Zhengli published a paper reporting the successful creation of a self replicating chimeric coronavirus with the S-Protein reported in the 2013 paper. It is specifically reported: “The results indicate that group 2b viruses encoding the SHC014 spike in a wild-type backbone can efficiently use multiple orthologs of the SARS receptor human angiotensin converting enzyme II (ACE2), replicate efficiently in primary human airway cells and achieve in vitro titers equivalent to epidemic strains of SARS-CoV.”

The process used to create the chimeric virus is defined in the paper as: “Using the SARS-CoV reverse genetics system2, we generated and characterized a chimeric virus...”

It’s worth pointing out here the paper clearly and specifically claims to create a SARS like coronavirus using reverse genetic manipulation. A system that is described in detail here.

Download the PDF of the Paper Describing Reverse Genetic Manipulation Here.

h1atq8.jpg (Source:

Read the 2015 Nature Medicine Paper Here.

Download the 2015 Nature Medicine paper Here.

ue92ic.jpg (Source: The Epoch Times, YouTube)
Shi Zhengli giving a speech on November 14th 2018.

On January 7th 2020, a paper was submitted to Nature for publication by Yong-Zhen Zhang. This paper was published on February 3rd 2020. In this paper it is reported that COVID-19 is most closely related to CoVZC45 and CoVZXC21, two strains previously collected by the People’s Liberation Army of China.

mwmvvx.jpg (Source: The Epoch Times, YouTube)

Furthermore, it is reported in the paper that: “Notably, WHCV (COVID-19) is most closely related to bat coronaviruses, and shows 100% amino acid similarity to bat SL-CoVZC45 in the nsp7 and E proteins (Supplementary Table 3).”

elrbz9.jpg (Source: The Epoch Times, YouTube)

Read the 2020 Nature Paper Here.

Download the PDF of the 2020 Nature Paper Here.

yfzg2w.jpgSupplementary Table 3 (Source:

Download PDF of Supplementary Tables for 2020 Paper Here.

Another paper, Genomic characterization and epidemiology of 2019 novel coronavirus: implications for virus origins and receptor binding to follow published about a month later echos the findings of the February 3rd 2020 paper.

v5lawl.jpg (Source:

Read the 2020 Genomic Characterization Paper Here.

Download the PDF of the 2020 Genomic Characterization Paper Here.

These findings of the 100% amino acid similarity in the nsp7 and E-Proteins are crucial as they firmly suggest that COVID-19 is the product of reverse genetic manipulation as Shi claimed in her 2015 Nature Medicine paper.

3y4dyb.jpg (Source: The Epoch Times, YouTube)

The next twist in this story brings us back to the COVID-19 S-Protein.

0inknk.jpg (Source: The Epoch Times, YouTube)

Kusuma School of Biological Sciences, In New Delhi India thoroughly analyzed the COVID-19 S-Protein and had some unexpected findings. Within the S-Protein amino acid sequencing, four insertions were discovered that are unique to COVID-19. HIV Glycoprotein 120 is spliced into the COVID-19 S-Protein.

1odyhb.jpg (Source: The Epoch Times, YouTube)

The paper also reports: “Although, the 4 inserts represent discontiguous short stretches of amino acids in spike glycoprotein of 2019-nCoV, the fact that all three of them share amino acid identity or similarity with HIV-1 gp120 and HIV-1 Gag (among all annotated virus proteins) suggests that this is not a random fortuitous finding. In other words, one may sporadically expect a fortuitous match for a stretch of 6-12 contiguous amino acid residues in an unrelated protein. However, it is unlikely that all 4 inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike glycoprotein fortuitously match with 2 key structural proteins of an unrelated virus (HIV-1).”

What does fortuitous mean? According to google, “happening by accident or chance rather than design.” What the paper is suggesting is that this is not a natural occurrence, but rather, a deliberate occurrence.

The paper also states that it cross referenced these HIV Glycoprotein splices, they are not just a close or similar match to the HIV proteins, they are an exact 100% match.

3n0z44.jpg (Source: The Epoch Times, YouTube)

Now, the Epoch Times documentary reports that the Indian study found the S-Protein insertions to be GP-41 from the HIV virus. I tracked down that paper which interestingly has been “withdrawn” since its publication. There are also tons of mainstream publications attacking this study but yet none of them actually address any specific errors in the article. They just claim that the article is bad. Classic mainstream ad-hominem. However, the Indian paper sites GP-120 from the HIV virus. Both the Epoch Times Documentary and the Indian Research paper state that the GP insertions in question function similarly like lock and keys described earlier in this article. Within the HIV1 virus, GP120 and GP41 serve the same purpose as as the COVID-19 S-Protein. HIV GP120 and GP41 allow for the HIV virus to infect human cells but they also are directly linked to the immunodeficiency aspects of the virus. GP120 and GP41 essentially are two lesser functions of the larger S-Protein whole.

Read/Download PDF of the Indian Research Paper Here.

olasn9.jpg GP120 (Source: user FOTGCREN YouTube)

tn1yp3.jpg GP41 (Source: user FOTGCREN YouTube)

To Learn More About GP120 and GP41 watch below.

While researching what I initially thought to be discrepancy between the Epoch Times Reporting and the findings of the Indian Research paper, I stumbled across this:

qaplu3.jpg (Source:

Now, I need to be clear, I’m not claiming or asserting that this company has anything to do in any way shape or form with COVID-19. However, I do find it interesting that these HIV1 GP120/41 Glycoproteins are available for purchase. Also, if the Indian research paper is such terrible science according to the mainstream media, this find at least suggests that it is possible to obtain GP 120/41 and should one have the resources and ability, they could generate a virus expressing desired Glycoproteins as Shi Zhengli reported being able to do in her 2015 paper.

By March 2020 the world’s scientists are doing what they can to find a solution to what has been dubbed the COVID-19 global pandemic.

h05ziu.jpg (Source: The Epoch Times, YouTube)

The potential proposed solution to our COVID-19 worries is supposed to be a couple of antimalarial drugs called Chloroquine or Hydroxychloroquine. American Doctors have been trying to find a solution for COVID-19 using these two drugs in particular with various combinations of other drugs to combat the pandemic virus.

Rumors have been circulating the internet that Hydroxychloroquine used with Zinc Sulfate have been very successful in treating COVID-19 giving rise to various memes such as the one below:

go7tp9.jpg (Source: Facebook)

But is there any truth to these claims?

ktrr0e.jpg (Source: ABC7 LA, YouTube)

Watch ABC7 YouTube Video Below 1:36 min

In this very short video Dr. Anthony Cardillo reports that he has only had luck using Hydroxychloroquine with Zinc and that his results have been very effective with severely ill COVID-19 patients. But has anything further been learned?

“Preliminary findings” look promising but essentially signal for clinical trials. One of these preliminary finding reports can be viewed here.

It has been discovered that Zinc Ionophores stop the replication of the COVID-19 virus inside of human cells. A paper published on this topic can be read here.

It turns out that Chloroquine is what’s know as a Zinc Ionophore. It’s somewhat difficult for Zinc to enter human cells walls all by itself unassisted. When in the company of a Zinc Ionophore, the Ionophore essentially acts as a key for the Zinc allowing it to gain access to the cell wall and pass through into the cell where the Zinc is then able to block coronavirus replication. If the Zinc is not present in the human cells the coronavirus is freely able to replicate itself should it pass into a cell that is absent the presence of Zinc. A Paper has been published in this topic here. Read/Download PDF of Zinc Ionophore Paper.

v9t7l9.jpg (Source: user Medmastery, YouTube)

Lastly, I found a nice little video posted by Medmastery on YouTube that clearly explains with simple graphics the information contained in the Zinc papers describing how Zinc in the presence of a Zinc Ionophore passes into cells much easier with the Ionophore rather than unassisted. It also clearly describes how the presence of Zinc within a human cell stops the replication of coronavirus should the virus come into contact with a cell where Zinc is present or added. Skip to 2:37 min, this is where the narrator begins to talk about Zinc and Chloroquine. Watch that video below:

The facts unearthed by the alternative narrative suggest that COVID-19 was developed in the Wuhan Institute of Virology P4 lab after at least just shy of a decades’s research. Physicians seem to be having great success with Zinc and Chloroquine/Hydroxychloroquine as Zinc has the property of being able to stop the replication of coronavirus inside of human cells if present. Many of these facts are published and widely available to those who wish to look. Contained within this article is what published science has to say about COVID-19.

If you have any troubles viewing the photos please feel free to download them, I posted all full size images.

-Kush Freeman

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