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Some weeks ago, a friend of mine came to my DM asking about how to convert or swap HBD to HIVE without waiting for the three-day stipulated time to deliver. She said she had tried the other means she knew, but all of them kept reminding her that she must wait for three days to get it.
I okayed her, logged in to my ecency, made some screenshots, and sent them to her to do it on her ecency account and give me feedback. She went on, and within some minutes (not up to 3 minutes), she returned and was totally wowed! She never knew that it's easy to swap HBD to HIVE or HIVE to HBD on ecency without waiting for three days to get it and also with no charges at all.

This feature has been my most-used feature on my Ecency account. I make swaps almost every week; either I want to send it out to convert to fiat or I just want to swap and HODL.
It's very easy to use and easily understood by beginners because it's not congested with too many operational features like the way we see in many external blockchains like Binance. Yes, till today, I have friends that are scared to use Binance because of its too many features 😄.
Even yesterday's night, I swiftly made a swap of 40HBD, and I got it instantly, which I headed out to convert to fiat.

Before the period I was introduced to this feature, I was using a more complicated swapping method in one of the hive exchanges, which I needed to pass through the 'normal trading pattern' to arrive at my sale.
'Trading pattern' here means things like peer-to-peer. I would have to wait for a while for them to be picked and paid, but this Ecency pattern made it easier for me. I get my token as I click on swiftly.


Actually, it's my first time taking a look at the Ecency proposal, and I finally gave my vote.
I really like the Ecency proposal after going through it. It's simple, so everyone can understand the good stuff it brings. The upgrades, especially making it work better on phones, make Ecency easy for everyone to use. This means more people can join in, which is awesome. The proposal cares about making the community grow, which is like making Hive more lively. Also, they're giving better rewards for good content, which helps both the people making stuff and the ones reading it. Supporting Ecency means supporting a platform that wants everyone to be part of it. It's important for Hive to keep going strong. Let's get behind this proposal to make Hive not just work well but also be a fun place for everyone.

Incase you're yet to vote, kindly take the following guide;

  • Click on this link 👇
    Click on the circled spot as shown below (It's showing blue because I did my voting already)

  • Enter your active key

And you're done!

Thanks for reading 🙌

This is my entry to the #ecencychallenge
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