Porting At Ecency

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It is another challenge with @dreemport and this time, we are partnering with Ecency.

my points on ecency.

A while ago, I downloaded the Ecency app and as someone who loves using applications, it was a perfect fit for me.

I enjoyed how simplistic the interface was and I loved the fact that my day-to-day action could be rewarding through points.

Now, I haven’t been as religious in using Ecency, so I am glad that this challenge is here.

Anyways, without further ado, let me dive into a preview of who khaleesii is so that you can know her a bit better.



As you all know, my username on hive is khaleesii but, my real name is Ophelia Jackson which I adore, I always get questions about my name as a Nigerian, and it always makes me smile because of how unique it is.

Why is my khaleesii on hive? Well I am a big movie watcher and one of my favorite series is game of thrones, and the character khaleesi is a powerful woman which is my goal to be in life.

Where is khaleesii from and a bit about her family? I am from Bayelsa state, Nigeria, and I am the last child of six children; 3 boys and 3 girls.


I am a proud aunty of five kids and they are my legit world; I'll literally climb mountains for my family because of how important they are to me.

What does khaleesii do for fun? Those who know me should know that one thing I do for fun is dance; I even have a TikTok because of how much I enjoy it even though, I can't dance.

Other things also include watching movies, singing, writing, eating, playing board games, and being babied by those around me.



I could write a million things about myself but, I'll stop here for now, and maybe next time, I could dive in more.

I can't wait to grow with this challenge and I hope to enjoy it with my partner and all my friends in dreemport.

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