A dive into DreemPort's collaborative challenge with Ecency | My intro

It's the first Monday of the second half of 2022 and I'm already getting the vibe that the remaining days of this year will be filled with a delectable medley of blockchain splendour.

Dunno what the first paragraph means, but it sounds sexy. Lol 😂. Scratch that! Let's get to the business of the day!

Did you see this contest Announcement post?

It details the guidelines we all need to follow to actively be part of the ongoing DreemportChallenge being held in partnership with Ecency. If you would love to be part of this contest, feel free to jump on that embedded link, give the instructions a good read and join the fun.

For the record, this post counts as a part of my entry to the contest and I'm genuinely trying to consider dreemsteem's instructions. Haha. According to the instruction, all participants are meant to write a post introducing themselves to the community. There is an option to do this with 3 fun facts about ourselves and that is the option I will try and adopt in this fun post of mine.

A brief background info about me

First things first, I'm a young Nigerian who has been inspired to dreem after the encounter I had with a group of dreemers in the third quarter of 2020. The journey gave me stories to tell and the same journey humbled me with a lot of momentous experiences.

I physically live in a world that has a lot of disjointed systems, structures, lifestyles, mindsets... name it! I'm sure you are getting the gist. All thanks to the internet, blockchain, web3, content creation and the like, I now get to fit myself in a space filled with adorable minds who genuinely want to live peacefully - learning, teaching and getting a fair return on their effort.


At this stage, I doubt if there is still a conversation to be had in this segment. Let's get to the other side of the contest.

3 fun facts about me

1. I'm not a big fan of Contests.

You see, from the first time I started learning about growing in places like this, I was made to understand that participating in contests is a good way to grow. I say the same thing to others and I genuinely believe it's a good way to grow, but getting involved with contests is something I do once in a blue moon. The fact that I'm getting into this is probably because of the blueish things about Ecency. Haha. This will be a remarkable experience

2. My weird food/meat-eating style.

In my part of the world (and probably in most parts of the world), food and meat go hand-in-hand. The pattern is to cook food and use meat as a side dish so when you are served food, you surely want to see a piece of meat somewhere in the plate. Haha. In my case, it's very different. I prefer to cook food as food and meat as meat. Instead of adding meat to my meals, I would rather eat meat as a meal or just eat food alone.

3. I have a weird playlist.

The height of the weirdness of my playlist is utterly unbelievable. Haha. I'd have what people will see as 'normal songs' for a Nigerian, but the music folder I always play repeatedly is the one filled with my favourite OSTs, taken from Kdramas.


You see, I've been a Kdrama fan since 2009/2010 and I love Korea so much so, I'm also a big fan of their music. I don't understand anything they are saying and I'm too busy being me to look for the subtitle, yet I still enjoy every part of those songs.

Wow! What a sight to this contest. Haha. I'm now an open book in all your eyes. Time to dive into the last part of this post.

Ecency point at the beginning of the week.

This is the last segment of the first task in this DreemPort's collaborative challenge with Ecency. A quick check shows that I have *** many ecency points. Hehe. See for yourself 👇


And that's it!

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