Three Fun Facts About Kemmy B! || Ecency Dreemport Challenge

Elijah Hiett from Unsplash

Jeez, who is this lady going by the username @kemmyb on Hive? She's a cool (I think) lady that keeps to herself most of the time and enjoys engaging on the social web! I mean, that's how I got here anyway.

Fun Fact 1: She's curious!

I'm not a cat, so I think I'm safe. I can't explain it but I love to discover stuff and know things! I detest ignorance. Maybe that's why I'm so good at research. Learning is one of the best ways to enjoy life. When we stop learning, living becomes dull.

I love the excitement of discovering something new and that's why I'm always searching. This means I get bored sometimes when I spend too much time in one place (literally). I'm always on the move!

Fun Fact 2: She loves to read!

It goes without saying —curiosity is tempered by reading. It's one of my hobbies and if there's one activity I was asked to do forever without worrying about anything else, it would definitely be reading and writing weird fantasy fiction.

Oh wait, I'm already doing this on Hive. That's one of the advantages of this blockchain. I come across posts on different topics and I devour them. My mind is enlightened and my face glows with knowledge! 😂

Just So You Know…
I'm super excited about this ECENCY DREEMPORT CHALLENGE (to participate in this challenge, click on this) and more so, I've been paired with a stylish lady, @itsostylish. I know this challenge is going to be fun.

I started using Ecency right from day one when I joined Hive! The beauty of this front-end is earning points for every activity. If that's not cool, I don't know what is.

One of the requirements is a screenshot of my Ecency points. Here it is!

Quick question Ms @dreemsteem, do we account for the use of our points in the Challenge post on Friday? Because as I get my points, I use them! I love 'em. 😄

Alright, to the third fun fact.

Fun Fact 3: She loves to watch movies!

I think some of my friends know this, so do I need to talk about it? I guess I do for those who don't know. I love action, adventure, fantasy, and thrillers. I try to stay updated on the latest movies but somehow I always fall behind and I have a long backlog of movies I'm yet to watch.

Hopefully, I'll catch up (amidst my busy schedule). Hehe.

These are some fun facts about me. Tell me some of yours. Thanks for reading!

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