Wedding Redefined

If money was no object at all, what would be the wedding of my dreams?

I never really thought of having a grand wedding for myself. Funny how every girl dreams of that perfect wedding. She would have planned it out already down to the last detail with her dress, the events, cakes, decor, and every tiny bit of information. All she'd need is the date and of course a man. Hehe!

I'm not sure why, but that was never me. I guess it was because I kept thinking about the marriage and not the wedding as a ceremony, that I forgot I could also soak in the moment of a once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience.

Now that I think about it, if I could do it again, I would call it a redefinition of union. I would take my friends and family on an all-expense paid luxury trip to Marrakech Morroco. We would be having a tour/wedding in the city. I chose Morocco because I've been consuming some Moroccan content lately and it's all so cool.

Marrakech is one of the world's most beautiful places. It has the perfect cocktail of modern vs traditional aesthetics. It fits my personality so well like that. It is home to luxurious palaces, riads, hammams, gardens, and the Medina. Not forgetting its exquisite cuisine.

I would still keep things simple nevertheless.

The wedding is going to last only two days for our guests, then forever for us. I can already imagine our faces when we are getting prepared, boarding that plane to make joyful memories. Pure bliss I would call it.

We would plan to arrive in Marrakesh at noon. We would book one of the riads in the city’s center. After relaxing and catching up on lost sleep, we head out to see how the city comes alive in the evenings. We would have sunset drinks at Dar Dar, and then enjoy the rest of the city and its architecture. You should see me smiling right now.

I would be spending the rest of the night with my girls enjoying a sauna and Hammam. I would not step foot out of Morocco without ticking hammam off my bucket list. Over my dead body! Hehe. It's that serious for me. My friends and I would bond by sharing affirmations, wisdom, and juicy “men” gossip. Hehe. What is a group of girlfriends with no tea to be spilled? You are right. A bunch of chicks. Lolzz

The next day would be my wedding day. This is going to be a little intimate ceremony in the evening Agafay desert. I can already imagine the flamed torches dancing to the mild caressing cold air, and reflecting our fresh warm faces. The atmosphere would be perfect. We would say our prayers and vows and we would be married again just like that. Only this time, I wouldn't have jitters. I would have happy butterflies because I know I would be answering that question, “Would you do this marriage thing again?” Heck yeah! I just did.

We would then proceed to have a peaceful dinner of nothing short of the finest and tastiest Moroccan meals. It would be held back in the top of the riad.
The next day would be the day I ship my friends and family back to their homes and normal lives. But first, we would go shopping for some souvenirs at the souks. What’s a wedding/tour without gifts?

When all that is done and dusted, my lover and I would remain in Marrakech for another week. The city would be ours to explore.

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