Ecency Family, Meet Joseph || Dreemport Challenge


I am that guy that has been struggling to make use of his pen for some time and am grateful for this contest organized by @dreemport. I believe I have to pick up my pen and awaken my imaginative mind once again.

For someone like me who is familiar with the Ecency frontend, I am certain that this contest is for me 😜. So, if there is a first-place price, don't expect to compete with me on that, hehehe.

Now back to business, Who is Joseph or should I say digitaljoseph?

He is just a simple, ambitious, and easy-going young man, who loves God above all things and anything that concerns making legit money online. I love meeting people, especially those who share the same vision and goal as me. If you want to make me happy, lock me up in a room with good internet access and then with some PIZZA. Am not the going out type but whenever I decide to go out, then the beach is my destination even though I am scared of swimming, hehehe. Would you want to know why I did online baptism and added "digital" to my name? Well, let's say that this guy here believes that we are in a digital age and he is so much engaged with many things digital, which includes but is not restricted to Blockchain, web3, videography, content creation, and my money-making wife; cryptocurrency( DEFI).

Three Fun Facts About Me

  1. I am that guy that eats half of his food while the pot is still on fire, hehehe.
    The good news is that I have changed a little, I do not eat half of my pot while it is still on fire again, I now eat a quarter of it, hehehe, but I believe with time I will conquer this habit.

  2. I love dancing even though I don't know how to move my body.
    I wonder how my wedding day will be because the only dance movement I am good at is nodding my head like Agama Lizard.

  3. I can spend hours on crypto and finance gossip/discussion even with an empty stomach. The only time I will attend to the worms is when I am done with the discussion.

As of today July 24 and at the time of writing this post, I have a total of 196.459 points as can be seen below. I think I can sense why @dreemport wanted us to include the screenshot of our points. I have set my goal and I will reveal it by Friday.


I hope I will be serious with this contest and not cost my partner some points.

To my unknown partner, let's do this!!!!.

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