Name the whale contest! By @joalheal

We all sailed aboard my pirate ship, the Flying Down, with Captain Dreemie. We sailed fast into Thursday's harbor, but headed for a hidden sandbar. Unbeknownst to any pirates, this sandbar was recently created in the last storm in the area, and if we hit it, we would be marooned there for days!

-And lo and behold, a huge whale starts heading towards us...

Captain! Whale to port! It's heading straight for us.
Just before it hits my boat, it rises in the water and almost flies over the boat. It creates a BIG SPLASH and a wave that starts pushing our boat out of the way of the sandbar.

"Get off me!!! It's trying to throw us off course. All hands on deck!!!" I spin the rudder back on course and try to put us toward our treasure destination - heading back toward the sandbar.


I continued from here!

A minute, which seemed like ocean ages, elapsed as we maneuvered the waves produced by the whale jump. The undertow threatens to run us aground when suddenly the huge whale interposes itself between the sandbar and my boat pushing us with a precise pigtail away from such danger.

"Hold on sailors" I reach to shout as my expertise helps me finish pulling us away and regain control of the ship.

The men give cheers of joy as the whale emerges alongside the "Flying Down" and seems to greet us with a powerful jet of water that falls on us like blessed rain.

I hand the helm to the first officer to admire carefully the powerful creature that saved our skins, I look at it as it submerges until it gets lost in the essential blue of the sea.

We continue our journey towards the treasure, tanned as we are in the task of looking for treasures. Today a treasure found us and still incredulous of having been saved by our big blue friend HOPE the whale , as it will be known from now on around the seven seas!

Hope the essential whale !

The End.

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