Ecency Discord Weekly Posting - Topic : Good News

Thanks to @beeber for such a wonderful contest.
I hope you will like my good news, as it is my first time participating in the contest.
I must say it is the joy in my heart that encouraged me to make an entry.


In life, there is always a step to every stage in life.
When one delays or miss any step because of one thing or the other, may find it difficult to cope in the society.
Especially those that have accepted this process and really want to follow it.
This joyous story is about my Auntie, I am very close to her so we talk very well.
I always give her my maximum respect because she's older than me, but the way we relate one could think we are mates.
My Auntie is someone with good morals and she's very spiritual.
She believes in love but have never been lucky with her love life.
All her junior sisters are married but she is still single.
This worried her a lot because she was losing her self respect in the society and in her family.
One could think maybe she have problem somewhere.
But no, she's the sweetest. Sometimes I wonder why she is not just lucky with guys.
To satisfied her gut and the society own as well, she did everything advised and said about finding a spouse.
Is not as if men were not coming, she passed through a lot of failed relationships.
She got tired of the whole situation and decided to give up and focus on her business.
She must find a way to be happy no matter what the society think of her and no matter what she is feeling.
She must find a way to be happy.
It was when she wasn't serious with the whole getting married stuff, that her relationship became serious.
The good news is she is getting married ending of this month.
Her joy held no bounds and I share massively in her Joy.
I am so happy for her and I am sure a lot of people will share in her Joy which will be unending.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
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