Janey at Ecency (Dreemport-Ecency Challenge)

July 4, 2022

Happy Monday everyone. Another new week means, another new set of life challenges to surpass. It's the constant thing in this world, so we should remain strong and undefeated. Apart from challenges in the real world, are the challenges in the blogging world that keep me a busy bee each day. Because why not? Accepting challenges helps us improve and grow as a person.

I never thought I would enjoy staying on this platform longer. I never thought I'll become a full-time blogger since writing was just a past-time hobby for me. To release my thoughts and emotions when I have no one to talk to in this foreign land.

One of the teams that keep me enjoying this platform is Dreemport. And I became a Dreemie when I stepped on it. Although I was hesitant at first to join this community since I might fail to curate five articles a day, I stayed not because of the reward, but of the members of the community and the fun of participating in the challenges. So @ifarmgirl and @coquicoin were right after all. I would enjoy the community, which I did.

Here comes July, and we are looking forward to more challenges to come. The first week of the month is about The Ecency Dreemport Challenge. You can check the link for more information about this week's challenge.

I am actually excited about who will be my partner for this challenge, which I will know later today. A man or a lady? Whoever he/she is, we'll enjoy the challenge for sure. This will also help me meet a new friend here.

I don't really have much Ecency points in my wallet, and here's what I got for today.

Maybe this challenge will help me earn more points? Ecency points helps me boost my posts. Regardless of the rewards, it's a challenge that'll be fun.

To start the challenge, my soon-to-be partner might want to know a little more about me?

So, who is Jane?

I'll just post my banner here 🙈. This would tell more facts about me.


  • I'm a Filipina overseas worker in the real world and an aspiring writer and crypto-noob in the digital world.

It's been more than 2 years that I've been collecting Cryptocurrencies but always fail to manage my assets well. In fact, I had a huge loss in my crypto portfolio, not just due to a sudden crypto market crash, but ineffective crypto assets management as well. I recently wrote about resetting my crypto assets management and hoping that I could, at least, recoup my investment this year.

Blogging on crypto-powered platforms is my other way of earning cryptocurrencies, and writing became my forte because of it. Most of my articles are about random and personal blogs. But what I like the most is creative writing, because it's when I could express more emotions and feelings through my fingers, release the preoccupied thoughts in my mind, and even vent out my frustrations about the real world.

One kind of creative writing I like is putting different prompts in one content, or connecting articles' titles and making a story out of them. If you are curious about how to do it, you can check this article.

April Articles Compilation In Creative Writing

I recently liked writing spoken poetry as I find it creative. You can check this example, Red Crypto Sentiments. And this was one of the favorite creative writings I made, A Forgotten Soul

  • I'm a Hodophile and I love traveling to secluded places to be with nature.

Image created on Picsart

I'm a solo traveler most of the time, but I enjoy my own company. It gives me more room for growth and self-development. I like walking in amazing landscapes of nature and finding comfort in nature. That is when I could truly unwind and take a break from my toxic work.

You can visit my timeline to check some of my travel blogs in nature. You can find some here:

Discovering The Hidden Paradise of Cape D' Aguilar

Exploring Other Beautiful Spots of D' Aguilar Peninsula

As a traveler, I like taking on challenges and trying new things. Some of the things I want to try someday include:

  • Water surfing and scuba diving

  • Ziplining and paragliding

  • Hiking the tallest mountain and the devil's peak here in Hong Kong

I'm a Photophile and my way of preserving the memories of my life's journey is by collecting photographs of the places I visited. So when the time comes that my memory fails to function well, those photographs would help me remember the beautiful memories of my journey in this world.


  • I love music and art.Music is my comforter and my company when I'm alone and lonely. It's not just the relaxing melodies and good vibes music gives me that I am after, but the lessons I could learn from them. You can check one of my favorite songs here, A Song and Life Lessons. And one of the arts I made here, My Needlework Craft

If you wanna read a quick recap of what happened in my life after school, you can check this out, Just Keep Sailing. A little more about me here, An Introvert Stepped Out Of Cocoon To Beehive. And some of my dreams here, My Vision/Dream Board

I bet some of my blogging friends from another platform already know about my life's struggles, experiences, and stories 🤣. I may not have the best writing skills, but I write by heart, and I write about my life experiences not just for myself, but to motivate and inspire others. That's my goal in writing, to write something that would resonate with the readers.

I guess that's enough facts about me. And I'm looking forward to knowing more about my soon-to-be partner.
(After writing this part, I reread the cheat sheet and it says fun facts)

They are not fun though as I am a serious person 🤣. But these are funny maybe 😅.

  • I have flatulence after eating forbidden food (this is disgusting I must say). Because I have gluten and lactose intolerances.
  • I have sleep bruxism when sleeping too tired 🙈. I guess that's common 😅. I sometimes wake up with a feeling of clenching or grinding my teeth. So that's how I find it out and the reason why I have a-not-so pretty lower teeth 🙈.
  • I have philophobia. Do you know what is it? I fear falling in love again. It's not funny though.

That's enough embarrassing facts about me 🙈

Thanks to @Dreemsteem and @Dreemport for this amazing challenge.

You can check about Dreemport's recent challenge here, On Your Mark Dreemers! July is HERE!!! Are you ready for Ecency?

Good luck to all participants and thanks for stopping by.!

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