Why Ecency? (Ecency Art Contest)

August 26, 2022

Hello guys. Don't you know that there is an ongoing Annual Ecency Art Contest in its 2nd year? Click the given link to find out.

Image created by @seckorama

The theme of this Art Contest is to CELEBRATE, PROMOTE, THANK or INVITE others to use Ecency. It talks about why you like using Ecency and how you will describe it to encourage others to use Ecency.

The art can be in any form, videos, gifs, memes, banners, or a collage as long as it's original and should be creative.

There are three categories:

  1. Video/gif/animation
  2. Illustrations/collage/sculpture/digital art
  3. Slogan

Participants can submit an entry to each category with a separate post for it. Prizes are awesome and if you are interested in them, just click the link above or read the post of @melinda010100.

The video above is my entry to this Art Contest which I created on Canva. The short video talks about Ecency, its usage, how to earn points, how to spend Ecency points, why use Ecency, and more.


In my recent stay on the Ecency front-end and its community, I can say that I so love it. It's a one-stop place for everyone. It's convenient to use the site and app, and I can manage my wallet well using Ecency. Trading HIVE and HBD tokens are also so easy at the Ecency market, as well as delegating, sending Hive or HBD to Savings account and other users, converting, and more.

The best part of using Ecency is you can get Ecency points in doing different transactions.

How to get more Ecency points?

  • Posting gives you 15 points.
  • Each comment you make helps you grow your audience ad make friendships, but also earns you 5 points.
    -By voting, you give rewards to other creators and show your appreciation, but also earn "0.01 x vote weight" points.
    -Share what posts you like with your friends and earn 1 point.
  • Checking in on Ecency gives you 0.25 points and helps you stay connected with your friends.
  • When you log in to Ecency, you are entitled to earn 10 points automatically.
  • Consistent use of the app gives you extra chances to earn 10 points! Be more active and earn more!
  • You can earn 10 points per day for each 100 HP delegation.
  • Register your community to get 20 points-per-post published with Ecency applications.

I got this information from @thekittygirl and shared this in one of my posts.

How to use Ecency points?

  • Gifting and tipping
    You can use Ecency points in tipping content you like or send it as a gift or reward to others.

  • Boosting and Promoting
    You can use Ecency points in boosting and promoting your content to get more audience. You can also boost or promote the content of other users using Ecency Points. In that way, you'll make the user happy and motivated.

Why Ecency?

With no further explanations, Ecency Community is Essential and Naturally Care for You.

Engaging and friendly community
Convenient to use site
Endless fun and surprises
Network and user-friendly app
Comfortable like home
Your one-stop Hive front-end.

You can do all transactions on the Ecency site or app, from posting, and managing your wallet, to trading while earning Ecency Points and other rewards. But most importantly, you'll have fun while engaging with the community, taking on different challenges and contests sponsored by the community, and meeting different awesome people.

Because at Ecency, you're at the right home.


What are you waiting for? Come and join this challenge and showcase your art skills. Be part of this awesome community, earn, and have fun!

This video can be included in #assets. Just remove the last part of it 🤣.

Don't forget to check the video. Thanks for watching and reading 🥰.

(P.S. There is a typographical error here, should be 10 points per day per 100 delegation)



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