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So Dreems has us all involved in a new challenge this week and for our first assignment we have to introduce ourselves to the community. Now, I write a lot of fiction, so I was very tempted to tell you that I’m an elf with amazing super powers - if you befriend me, you’ll instantly gain benefaction in the form of gold, sublime and decadent morsels to devour every hour and unlimited pleasurable excursions to time-zones of your choice. But, although as a writer, I lie for a living, I just couldn’t do it.

No, I couldn’t!



So, let me tell you some fun facts about myself

_ 1. My father is 007 - A very famous spy who works for Her Majesty The QUEEN OF ENGLAND

_ 2. My mother is Evita Bezuidenhout - A very famous Afrikaner Socialite, who is actually Pieter Dirk Uys, a very famous cross-dressing comedian.
_ 3. I was born in 1920 (of course I was, I’m an elf) - A very famous period in history when women knew how to dress.
_ 4. My brother is Elon Musk (of course he is, because, obviously his sister must be an elf) - A very famous engineer who never drives his own car and spends his days strategising about world-domination over social media.
_ 5. My ex-husband is David Attenborough (of course he was (or is) because he’s too cool for school, but he left me to pursue his natural interests. Of course I cry everyday 😢)
_ 6. My other ex-husband is Mr Bean (of course he was (or is), because he’s named after a vegetable 🌽) - A famous comedian who likes Blackadders (but he left me for a woman wearing a milkshake coat)
_ My next husband is Ricky Gervais - All girls should have a dream, hey Dreems!

That’s enough about me now, so let’s get down to the serious business of Ecency Points - A very famous initiative on the Hive Blockchain where they actually pay you to publish crazy posts like this one. See my points below.


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