[2nd Annual Ecency Art Contest] One Planet, One Community, One Ecency

Good day!

It is the 2nd Annual Ecency Art Contest!
And I decided to take a part in it to support my favorite community @Ecency.
I had a several ideas, so I wrote down a few words that come to my mind when I hear about Ecency.
And then I decided to put those words in the short video.

Ecency is not just a dapp, it is a real community as it should be. The community of people who support each other. The community where you learn and share. The community where you feel safe. You feel home.

I made a very simple video. Basically, based on my poor videomaking skills. I called that video 'One Planet, One Community, One Ecency'

Watch on YouTube
My entry may be included in #assets.

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