Ecency-Dreemport Collabo {My intro}

Monday,4th july 2022

After the weekend today is this starting of new week . So at first happy Monday to everyone . Starting a another week means going to gaining more experience and explore ourselves . New week means new hope and the positive vibes which always try to keep us happy .
Dreemport platform is such kind of platform which always indirectly force me to active and read the post of others and I feel really good because of it. Anyway I am posting this as a part of challenge . According to challenge rule I am going to be partnered with someone whom i don't know but it really sounds interesting and I am feeling interested to know who will be that person. My participation in here is really important because of what instead of busy schedule writing this because I don't want to see my partner face any kind of loss because of mine. So let's begin...

I started my day with this screenshot i provided here . Here you can see 975 ecency point . It's really very few points because I started my journey through Ecency from the beginning and I earned many points which i spended already 😅 . In the beginning I spent many points without knowing how it actually work . In last week my point was zero and I earned those point maybe within 7-10 days . So I think it's not bad also . It's really help me to boost post , promote post and at the same time it really helped me to support others .

Now i am giving a little introduction about me. I am intishar . I am at 24 now and I am just exploring with time . I was born in Chittagong Bangladesh . Still I am an undergraduate student but my graduation will finish very soon which delayed because of the pandemic situation . So it was my little intro . Let's talk what i love to do .

  • Traveling

I love to travel from one place to another place and making tour. It is such kind of thing which give me a feeling that i am still alive and i am am enjoying my life . New tour means new experience and gain many knowledge from the nature and it's the best way to understand how beautiful the nature is . At the beginning i used to make tour saving money from my Tiffin money. I really feel good because I have done such kind of thing and I am able to enjoy and gained happiness using those money . I think I made the best use of those money .

  • Solving Rubik's cube

Solving Rubik's cube was one kind of addiction of mine in my past times . With time the addiction level has been decreased but still I love to solve it and I try to solve it in my boring time and whenever i get time . In the time of Solving Rubik's cube i observed several things.they are .

  • practicing again and again makes a things easier than before .
  • Solving Rubik's cube help to take early decisions .
  • It's really help us come out from frustration diverting our mind .
  • Reading books

    Reading books is one of my favourite things . I became an addicted and attentive book reading from my earlier age specially when i was reading in class 9 . Reading books gives me huge knowledge and i think i acquired the skill of patience by reading book . Besides i think it really help me to make my mind clam , cool and beautiful . In current time i mostly read in various kind of platform rather than read in physical book .

3 fan fact's about me

I am not available in all the time

I actually don't know why most of people think that i a totally free person without having any work and i am available 24/7 means all the time . But actually I hardly get time which means i am mostly a very busy person who get some times for sleep only . Still i am not able to fimd our the reason behind such kind of thoughts of my relatives 😅 .

Game lover but don't play game

From my childhood I am very much interested almost all kind of game . Many people is used to say me as a game addicted person in my earlier age . Still I think the intention of play game still inside me but now I hardly play games because whenever I play game it gives me a feelings like I am wasting my time . It really stopping me to play game. But I think it's good for me to make the proper use of time .

Walking time is the thinking time

It's the interesting thing of mine that mostly I think about something in the time when I was walking . New new creative ideas and thoughts coming to my mind in that time . I noticed is several times . It seems like that I stay in different world when i walk .

Anyway that's all about me I wanna share with you & hope that you enjoyed reading it.

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