You know that type of friend you have that you just enjoy his or her company anytime you are together all because he or she is always funfilled and cherish the friendship, that right there is the type of friend I can be.

Something makes this platform (hive)habitable and filled with fun and that is the interactions we get with friends here.

It's always so comforting when you enjoy good company and interactions, makes me enjoy spending more time here on hive.

@dreemstem never cease to spice up the interactions between friends and meeting new people here on this platform, now we've got a freemer and an ecency combo what a nice way to start a new month with a funfilled challenge.

Have always heard about ecency but here is my first time giving it a trial and I must say for the past three days have been enjoying it, kind of like what it has got to offer and the interface all thanks to @dreemsteem and team for bringing it to my notice and not just to my notice but also making me have a part in it benefits.

Here I got to realize I have ecency points

Individual is a tag I enjoy using when referring to myself.

This individual here is the type you always want to hang out with because of the positive energy and good luck he contributes to every gathering you can call him a mascot.
talking about reciprocating the right energy, he'd be at the top of my list.

This individual has got a lot of fun facts some you'd find amazing and some you'd be surprised..yeah I know that's why I've tagged him as an individual.


My dream vacation is to go to Paris to see the nice building and beautiful artwork Paris has got to offer.
I enjoy seeing beautiful artworks because they are of pleasant views and give pleasure to the eyes.
The artwork gives an expression to the beauty of images with combinations of colors.
it's always calm, expressive, and beautiful. and yes have always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon isn't that fun?

This individual does not like to cook but enjoys homemade food too bad for me isn't I better enjoy cooking to eat more homemade food.

This individual has always wanted a superpower funny right? maybe I watch too much of comics or probably read too many of them well if I could have any superpower, it would be to teleport so that I get to see and explore the world in its beautiful form.

I practically do not enjoy the two seasons we have here in my country, once it gets too hot everything becomes draining, once it rains too much everywhere becomes slippery I would go for the rainy season though if I was asked to choose maybe because of the cozy feelings it comes with.

This individual enjoys listening to music and has a playlist for every mood Is that weird?
that is just one way to get my music organized and I love it that way.

if I ever get to learn a new language that would be french because I love the way it sounds

it's just me being an individual and fun that way.

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