ED weekly posting topic: A PERFECT DAY WITH MY SON


Hi @mypathofire, i am delighted to participate in this week ED TOPIC. It is really a perfect one. This month of February is a month of love so everything could be perfect if one imagine it. I am beginning to feel like a big woman already who have achieved all her goals and now is time to enjoy 🥂. When you imagine something and feel it, it is as if you are there, and you know what, you feel satisfied.

After reading this week topic ,i saw the need to feel good and be young. It is now time to go the main point. Feel free to read all. It is all about my perfect day.

Would you go anywhere special or have a place where you would spend your perfect day?

Sure i will not stay in the house to enjoy my perfect day. I will need a very cool and good environment where one can stay from morning till evening without disturbance. It will be a place where one can swim, eat good meal and have fun too. I will be spending the time with My Son so, he knows cool places in Uyo. Where entertainment is wow. So it will be a special place for us. We may consider going to the beach.

Who would you spend your perfect day with? Your family? Favorite singer or film star?

I am going to spend my perfect day with my first Son. Being my perfect day, my brain is calm without distraction. I have every thing in full and my worries has reduced. It will be a perfect day for me and him to discuss in detail all his businesses. The once that failed to see if we can revive it. His future plans on business and marriage will be discussed that day. We will talk on so many things and finalize it too.

Would your perfect day involve a fun activity such as hiking the Alps, completing the Dakar Rally, or a quiet day at home with your family?

You read what i said earlier that i will spend my perfect day with my first Son. It will be fun too. It will not be boring. We will play some games and watch some interesting videos too. I know him very well, his brand of drink will be available. His choice of food too. Infact for me to draw what is in his heart, i have to make him feel at home. Feel important too. So that perfect day will be very perfect. It will be a day we will long to have always.

It will be a very quiet day but not in the house. It will be in a good park where we will have a cool place to sit and talk. After that we will go to brooks open field to have some fun too. We will sit under a tree with mat or rapper.

Here is brooks street in Uyo. It is cool place for one to relax if there is no rain

What would you eat on your perfect day?

images (5).jpegimage source
We love Rice and chicken so much. So that my perfect day, it will be my first choice of food. We will eat to our satisfaction. A day devoted for Mummy and Son. I am just imagining how My Son will feel that day. His Facebook page will fill with pictures of me and Him. Wait wait, did i say me and him, haha. Some of his friends will be jelous that day lol, you know the type of friend I mean here . Smile 😀.

Finally, I will login to my hive account to tell my friends on hive how my perfect day went. It will be an interesting post as it will be filled with lovely pictures. Some people are smiling already longing to read it lol .

Thank you all and see you next week.

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