Ecency (HIVE) front-end has one VERY ADDICTIVE feature

I have been using @ecency for around one or two weeks, it is now my main front-end for using the HIVE blockchain, and it has one culprit: The "Read Next" tab below every post.


HIVE does not spy on us to profit (although what you post can be used to profile you forever, as blockchains are immutable, so be careful), but that comes with the downsite of having less personalised content for you to engage.

Ecency solved this by adding this "Read Next" functionality.


Before this, it was difficult to find content that is interesting on HIVE, however, Ecency has made it so very very easy to find what to read next, that I can't stop. I literally finish reading an article, then it presents me at least one, and at most 3 articles that I open in a new tab.


I have started my day today, opened just 2 or 3 articles I found interesting, but then it cascaded to the point, I am reading for over 1 hour already, and at each article, I open at least one new browser tab to keep browsing more.

@ecency you have nailed HIVE! I hope you keep being creative and adopt new features that make this look and feel more like a traditional social network, with the pros of HIVE, but without the cons of traditional ones! CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU!

As a "thank you" I will add @ecency as a beneficiary with 1% of every post I make using their platform, to pay it forward and help them raise development funds.

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