Exploring Ecency Features I Have Used 22 In All 5 For A Start

Hello friends, it is a restful Sunday evening for me after a long Sunday service. When I came across this #challenge I smiled because it is coming from one of my favourite frontend provider on hive blockchain.

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Let me give a brief background of how I came across the ecency frontend. When I signed up on hive, it might interest you to know that I did that by myself with #hiveonboard. After a while I went into the field of enquiry to discover more about the system, at the moment I can't place my hands on the person that told me about the ecency frontend. But immediately I downloaded it and began to use it shortly after I joined hive. Now as someone that loves promotions, I began to seek for ways to use the frontend to sign people up but I kept failing. One of the days I signed up an account and was looking for a way to retrieve the keys, then I called on @ovey10 who showed me the way around it, we stay in the same location with him and I invited him on different occasions to help me through the system.

Features I Enjoyed

As someone who like exploring so much, I have tried using almost all the ecency features. So, if I am to rate the features into 10 I can give myself a score of 8 out of 10. That's a good pass. For the purpose of this contest, I have made an outline of 22 features that I enjoy on this front end. So I will be taking it 5 for each post until I cover everything I outline. So do well to follow up as I will try to link the last post in the new one for ease for those that will like to do a follow-up to the last.

Resources Credit Space

The space for the resources credit has helped me so much. When I joined ecency newly I kept running out of credit and didn't know how to know the volume I have in stock. But just a while ago I noticed that I can see the bar level of my resource credit


The referral feature helps me to get my referral link easily and send to anyone that want to sign up, but most times due to the complex nature of the sign up process I prefer to do it myself. I am few months away from my second year in hive. I have signed nothing less than 7 persons on hive up using the ecency front end and I know about 5 of them that are active today. Though I have seen lots of changes in the sign up features from paying for an account using bank card and the resent I used is asking a friend to pay for you. So I ended up paying for an account using my hive. Oooh yes, there is no problem with that because it is for the system I love, so anything good for her.


Few days I was just trying to see those I have voted on as witness,so far I have voted 23 persons am left with 7 to complete 30. I am a beat conservative with the remaining 7. So it is easier for me to do a follow-up using the ecency frontend.

Before i continue, let me make one rant about ecency frontend. It is so easy to be used by anyone, let's say, someone that is just new to web3 or doesn't know much about the internet can learn with the frontend. It is so user friendly, I don't feel headache using it....I say this without mixing words. Anyone I sign up on hive, the first frontend I present to him or her is the ecency frontend,when they grow they by themselves can discover others


I can easily follow up on different proposals, I don't just need to go far in search of this feature, it is just there for me to see at anytime I get into my blog. Using this medium I want to encourage all my followers to go vote on the ecency latest proposal, here's the link to the proposal so you don't need to go so far in search of it https://ecency.com/proposals/283


The last feature I will be talking about today is the settings feature. Here one can easily set up his page the way he wish to ranging from the display picture, cover photos, about and so one. When you do all that, then you save and that will be all.

Ecency frontend is a goal for me, I am so at home with the frontend. This is where I will be drawing the cotton for today, I will continue my discussion some other time, sure this week before the end of the contest. Remember, this is the first I have, there are more 17 features I have to discuss with you that I have used personally.

I want to appreciate everyone that sees thàt everything goes well in this Community. Thank you for standing by


My Name is Deborah Orji, my burning passion is to see people around me well this has lead me into engaging into selfless service using what I have to achieve wellness. Also I actively promote #hive using my social handles and one on one mentorship. We can connect on discord on hivedeb#3903 and on Whatsapp with +2347064532502

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