Ecency has lots of amazing features to talk about but for now I'll stick to the ones I love the most.

My favorite ecency feature is the POINTS.

It is my favorite because the idea is very unique and give you certain advantage ☺️. The point provides you with two options and this options gets you voted and your post seen by some set of people.

What are the benefits of ecency points?

  1. Using it to boost your post, ecency allows you to use their points to boost your posts to get additional upvote on that post, they made it in a way that you can either purchase the points or use platform often to get more points for yourself.

  2. Using it to promote your post, you can use your points to promote your post to reach more people just like advertising your post to more audience to gain visibility on the Blockchain.


The second feature i like on ecency is displaying of hive engine tokens, this feature helps you to keep track, see and claim all your hive engine tokens for example if you look at the image above you'll see the tokens i have on my hive engine wallet. I no longer needs to go over to hive to monitor except i want to transact.

Ecency is a really lovely application created to help hivers around the world there more to talk about and with time we will.

I'll also like ECENCY to work on the video upload features for android users as we find it difficult to upload videos directly on from our android devices and about the proposal it has always been a good one.

Special shoutout to
And the entire ecency team you guys are great 👍

I Love Ecency
I Love Hive

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