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Resistance campaign against malicious downvoter villains

Resistance campaign against malicious downvoter villains


Downvoter villains trample others by their illogical standards and rationalize themselves as if they were a god of righteous judgment.

They show off their hive power and take advantage by mercilessly trampling on the weak.
They target people from a certain country.

Many hive users fear the power of villains, so they follow them, flatter them, and become slaves. Or askd someone to destroy someone's blog.

Villains will downvote endlessly. I am their prey now, but next it will be you.

So I won't pay out some posts as rewards. This is to prevent them from stealing their pennies.

They are my blacklist.

They are just human beings who live a pitiful life that makes them happy by trampling on the weak.
Remember that all they can do is downvote in the hive and have no influence on our lives.

I hope Hive has a policy to protect against malicious downvoting by villains.

If you've been through it, you can't tell me to talk well with the perpetrator about it.

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