Ecency and Dreemport Challenge: Meet George Dee, a magician among writers.

Participating in challenges has kept me going in the blog world and I am always ready to take them on even though there are times when I end my journey halfway, taking up the Dreemport in conjunction with the Ecency challenge is a huge thing for me just like I mentioned earlier about "challenge", they inspire me, they help me to stay committed and as well bring out the best in me.

I got to know about Ecency some time ago but one silly issue prevented me from posting from Ecency, the challenge has forced me to get the issue sorted and I am glad I can enjoy the benefits of posting using Ecency from now; thanks to Princess Busayo for helping me out.

here is my Ecency point, a requirement for the challenge.

I am a baby blogger, I have been in the field for quite some time now but I still haven't gotten past the infant stage of blogging and I owe @dreemsteem for helping me grow in the field to this extent. Every skill I have acquired in blogging was through her and I am glad to have learned a lot from her.

My life as a blogger has been great, filled with happy and sad moments. There was a time I always thought life would be beautiful always but I got to realize that there will be cloudy days as well, what's life with experiencing the two sides of it? We just have to create a balance between the two sides to enjoy the best part of it.


My name is George Damola, an original African prince from Nigeria. I am in my late twenties and the first child of a family of five. I studied Computer Science at the Lagos State Polytechnic and I currently work as a farmer and writer, don’t mind the mix-up in studies and work.

It is a long story for another day but many of the friends blogging gave me can tell my story because they all played a huge role in my life and for the second time in this article, I want to appreciate my mother for her impact on me.

I hope you easily figured out who she is?

I am an introvert who has found so much comfort in writing and unlike many humans; I do most of my talking with my hand. I never knew writing would be part of my success story, I am glad that I didn’t kill the passion while growing despite the challenges life brought my way and I can confidently say writing is one of the magic in me. Success for me isn’t just about having big figures in my account, being able to bless lives has been my biggest success in life.

I have traveled to almost every part of the world without crossing my country’s border, that’s one of the magical things about me; writing on various platforms is my little secret to flying across the world.

Interesting things about me.

I doubt if I have anything interesting about me but I will talk about a few things and let you decide if they are interesting.

I have a double-sized heart.

I am not the first of the kind; there are lots of people who have double-sized hearts. It is not a disease, having a double-sized heart for me means someone who cares about others.

I grew up lacking a lot of things, I had to start working to support my family at a young age and it wasn’t easy. Those experiences made my heart double and I just can’t overlook seeing someone in need when I have the privilege to help, I am not rich but being able to put a smile on the face of the needy is a huge thing for me.

I love cooking

Aside from my bedroom, my kitchen is my second favorite place in the house. I just love cooking and I find comfort in it just like writing, It is one the things I don’t get tired of doing, I am currently the family chef and I just love my job.

Cooking is fun for me, it is a weird hobby for males but I took it up and hope I can do it till I am 80 because I am not living a day lesser than that.

I hope you aren’t disappointed, I am glad I told you how uninteresting I can be earlier. I am glad to be partaking in the challenge, I want to fly across more oceans to meet new friends.

Thanks to Ecency and Dreemport for teaming together to make the month of July a more beautiful one.

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