Exploring The Amazing Features Of Ecency.

It's been over two years since I joined the Hive blockchain and the journey has been quite amazing, I have learned a lot of things from members across the world, shared my little knowledge with them and earned to support myself financially while I also secure a beautiful future for myself in the crypto-verse.

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Looking back, I feel grateful for how far I have come on Hive and it would be unfair of me not to mention how Ecency has helped a lot up till this very moment. Upon my arrival on the blockchain, I found the platform very difficult compared to other platforms where I had engaged before I discovered Hive.

Earning was challenging and trust me when I say it can be demotivating when you put a lot of effort into creating content and it passes with zero reward. It's easier for many people who have been here for a while to say that their passion has kept them on Hive all these years and I can confidently say many of them wouldn't be here if not for the reward. Hive is my safe place, it is decentralized and many more but we can't deny the fact that what we earn here has contributed a lot to our finances.

Earning was challenging back then but I had reasons to stay and one of them was when I learned that I could boost my post with Ecency Point. Before then, I always used Ecency frontend and the points had accumulated but I didn't know the importance of it until another Hive member put me through.

Knowing that I can earn tips on my post by boosting it inspired me and it really helped my engagement. I got a lot of points and always used them on my post but as time passed, things changed. I started getting voted from different communities I engaged with so it wasn't mandatory for me to always boost my post. It was then I started exploring the promote features and gifting other members Ecency points when I found their content very impressive.

Choosing just one out of all Ecency has to offer as my most utilized feature is quite challenging because all the features are super awesome even though I don't use all of them frequently. To be fair with myself, I will share four of the Ecency features I enjoy a lot.


Since the Swap feature was included on Ecency, swapping from HBD to Hive and vice versa became very convenient and easy. I remembered my first swap on the blockchain that took me three days and I was really pained. With Ecency it's easier and teaching people how to use it is easy, even a newbie can easy find their way around it.


I mentioned earlier about supporting members with Ecency points and sometimes, I boost posts just to encourage newbies or even anyone because I know what it feels like when you pour your heart out through your blog and do not earn a dime on it.

A design I made to notify Hive members after gifting them

It's one of my ways of giving back to the community and as long as I have the power to give, I wouldn't hesitate to do so.


I enjoy boosting my post with Ecency points and it motivates me to acquire more. While doing that, I get to boost my engagement which is a big deal for me. There are days when my post is empty of upvotes, I don't hesitate to boost and put a smile on my face.


One of the ways to gain lots of visibility and bring more attention to your post on Hive is by using the Ecency promote feature, it has helped me a lot in recent times and I will definitely continue using it for my content on Hive.

I went through the ECENCY PROPOSAL and can tell that the best of Ecency is yet to come because there are still lots of things the frontend has to offer so I already played my part by voting, check it out and give your support as well.

This is my response to #ecencychallenge and to participate, check the LINK @melinda010100 @xuwi

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