I'm super excited to bring forth my entry to this great community and it's a privilege to be part of the ongoing ecency challenge. I must say this is one of the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on hive ecosystem since I signed up.
Kudos to the entire organisers and management for this initiative and rare idea in advancing ecency.

I got boarded on hive just last year but since then the journey has been good and sometimes rough most especially when I couldn't locate a good application that I could easily use to drop my post. Later I got to realised ecency app. This really simplified and made my hive journey interesting with ecency, one can navigate his or her way into hive and become influential. Learner's user friendly.
Immediately I was introduced, I had to download the app without alacrity because of my flair for new things. The first sacrifice I had to pay before downloading the app was to delete some existing ones I have in order to create space. Immediately that was done, I thought I would be on the losing side hmmm there I started exploring the features daily as I gained deep revelation into the app. This is a good way of recapping the year.

  • The first feature I would like to share is the language. Ecency is designed in such a way that it gives one the opportunity to navigate through different languages unlike others that streamline one. A click on the language Botton, a list of different languages will be displayed so that you can choose the preferred and continue with exploration. This feature really helped me and made me felt at home and also gave me the opportunity to explore other languages.

  • The second feature I would like to quickly share is the switch which allows one to switch to light or dark. When I discovered this feature two months ago, I don't struggle using the app even if there's no light within my environment I quickly switch it then I see clearly every icon as I explored. As I typed this, I used the switch light which gives me a white like background and the writing is legible and conspicuous.

  • The third feature I would share is the search Botton. It was five months ago that I discovered this feature. Previously if I want to get a particular information or hiver I have to follow through the community and begin to run through all the post to see whether I could find such information or individual. Since I realised the search key, I don't waste my time any longer. I type whatever I am looking for on the search Botton then the various options or suggestions pops up then I choose the appropriate one. With this, I spend less time to achieve more search and results.

  • The fourth and the last for this particular post is ecency waves. Among all features in ecency, the recent one I got to start using is the ecency waves. Presently I am still delving and trying to explore more about it however I discovered that it helps me to drop short content just like twitter or threads. I have drop on ecency waves more than five times now though I am yet to discover more of it's usefulness. I am hoping before the end of 2023, I would have advance from being an amateur to proficient user.

Kindly follow me as I update and publish more about other features in my subsequent Post which are more than the four features shared thus far.

Thanks to @xuwi

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