eSteem iOS 2.2.3 - Steem like a Pro

Hello friends,

This is first time in history of eSteem, we have had AppStore approval of iOS update within 6 hours of our submission.

You have never seen app like this before, we not only improved performance for Android but iOS version also works like a rocket, blazing fast and feature-full.

Go download it, you won't regret it, share your masterpiece on go!

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What's new in 2.2.3

Changelog is almost identical with Android of course some performance tweaks for iOS and bug fixes only related iOS users.

  • It is more easier to navigate, we changed navigation and elements to be easier to follow
  • Added
  • Free ESTM spinner
  • Dedicated Wallet page
  • More smoother Wallet operations
  • Referrals
  • Signup
  • Comment threads
  • Better comment navigation
  • Profile page improvements
  • Spanish, French, Japanese, Hindi, Malay, Kurdish languages
  • Better editor and tag input
  • Better search results
  • Image viewer
  • Better Markdown parser
  • And a lot of improvement on stability and performance
  • Many more packed changes - we will likely make separate posts about each (starting with referrals) in more details.

THANK YOU very much everyone who took their time to give feedback and been patiently waiting for new release! We couldn't have done this without you.

In November, we have released migration update that would migrate data within device into new local database scheme. It was designed so that we could use different db engine which supports Hermes engine. What we learned is that Hermes engine improves performance of application greatly so we wanted to utilize new technology. This is just a note: If you encounter any issues updating from 2.2.2 to 2.2.3, our suggestion is to wipe app data and start fresh (make sure you have backup of your password and keys).

We are always amazed by our users because they are real and passionate, all around us - supporting us, the game changers - inspiring us to do the same everyday, work on better future and build that future together with better products. It is more than a movement now, it is our mission to build the future!

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