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In the previous post titled "A billion dollar goal || Why dream when you could dreem" I wrote extensively about a specific dream of mine and how I would love to make it a dreem. Though I have been working on it for years so you could click on link to read about it especially the background story that led to it, it is a little hilarious but fun to read 🤭. So having written about the dream and i how intend to achieve it in the previous post, all that is needed now the details about the tools needed in achieving the dreem.

𝖣𝖾𝗌𝗂𝗀𝗇𝖾𝖽 𝗎𝗌𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝖼𝖺𝗇𝗏𝖺
Though I have mentioned it earlier but it wouldn't hurt to share more details about the process of how I intend to make use of the tools to make the dream a reality. thinking about it send chills down my throat because while thinking about what is needed presently to do the little I can to make it possible because the project is something I'm already working on just like I have mentioned earlier, at the same time I have to think about futuristic advantage of it because I might start small due to financial constraints the dream is still to go big😅.

Having a dream such as mine is a little challenging because there is no end to livestock farming, there are lot of livestock animals out there I could decide to rare at any point in time. I will always have the opportunity to expand as long I am successful with this present one, immediately I can move on to the next.

Like I said in the earlier post about this specific topic, the starting point of making my dream of having a livestock farm into a dreem was to have a rabbit farm which has been successfully so far and I feel it is time to move on to the next. taking it one at a time would not make it burdensome and difficult to manage. the next one on the line is owning a poultry but my reason for this is quite different.

I started my rabbit farm because I love to keep rabbit as pet but eventually their number increased so much that I decided to capitalise on it but when it comes to owning a poultry it is not as if I love keeping chickens as pet😂, definitely not. I mean is there anyone who keeps chickens as pet? well there might be but that isn't me. the reason for choosing to acquire a poultry is because it is part of my dream and also there is a high demand for poultry products in my area, which involves eggs, chickens and fertiliser.

So I felt why not take advantage of the opportunity and see how it goes. speaking of the tools needed is quite simple because I have had it in mind for years. when it comes to achieving this dream there are just three tools I believe I need not because it is stated to mention just three but all I need is just three tools😂. other tools that I might need are extract of this three, though I have mentioned it in the previous post now let's go into details. this are the tools needed to make this dream a dreem.

  • 1) The space.
  • 2) Materials
  • 3) Workers




In any kind kind of farming, a Land for farming plays a very important role. A land that serves as a home for the livestock animals. like I said in the previous post there is a need for a secured land to prevent them from wild animals and humans. Lucky for me I already got a space though it is not mine it belongs to my dad. it has been an empty fenced field for years, I guess it is time to put it to good use. since there is availability of space there is no need to add it to the expenses. though I still need to clear it up and make it more accommodating for a poultry.

When it comes to ensuring the safety of the birds, you have to make sure there surroundings is well cleared because there is a specific wild animal that has a High appetite for chicken eggs. a snake, especially the green ones, navigating among the grass without being spotted is a strategic technique used by this reptiles to invade the premises of a poultry and they could be dangerous to both humans and the birds. the worst part is they get easily drawn where eggs are kept, so making sure the area is free from grasses is the first step after acquiring a space.


There are a lot of them but the first one is roofing the premises where the chicken/birds are kept, to safe guard them from rain fall and sunshine, not all types of poultry chickens can tolerate rain fall or too much heat from Sun shine. after the roof is in place the next in line in terms of materials is barbwires to cover the areas where the chickens are kept.

the barbwire is not for decoration only, it is used to protect the birds from wild animals most especially reptiles, apart from that chickens needs ventilation most especially the adult ones, too much heat could kill them easily. though this barbwires are prone to get rust over time, you just have to keep fixing any hole in the barbwires because the moment you don't it is an opportunity for reptiles to prey on the birds.

After the barbwires, then you can opt for cages, though not all poultry chicken types needs cages, some can be placed on a cemented floor and they will roam about within the protected premises but cages are usually used for layers, the kind of chicken that lay eggs. that is my area of focus, that is why I need cages, there is a customised cage primarily for this type of chicken. after that all that is needed is just there medication, feeding e.t.c my analysis of the cost is $1276, though it might increase over time and also it is just the cost to start small😅.



Managing the rabbit farm was easy till their number increased and when it comes to poultry the stress is almost double I will definitely need all the help I can get. I'm not that experienced when it comes to chickens, I guess I should have studied animal husbandry😂. so I need to employ an experienced help which will assist me and I will also be learning more in the process. at least an experienced worker who wouldn't cost more than $27 for a month and $324 in a year. the salary might increase over times has everything falls in place but for a start $27 is what I'm budgeting. Though I would not mind getting an experienced worker at a lesser cost 😋 but let me not be selfish 😅.

That will be all about the tools and budget needed, more might arise as the dream becomes a dreem but I wouldn't know till begin, hopefully it would be more easier than I envisioned.

This write-up was inspired by dreemport challenge "Death- defying dreem tools"


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