Ecency Discord Posting Topic: my journey been a newbie

It feels really great to participate in the topic organized by ecency concerning "newbies" which really brings back memories on how the journey of Hive had been for me so far. I came across the contest posted by @beeber and if you wish to participate as well here is the link to the contest


My journey so far on the platform hasn't been easy for me but am glad there is a little changes now. I joined the platform three years ago in August 2019 when a friend who happens to be on the blockchain introduced steemit to me then and ever since I joined my contribution in the blockchain have been really difficult for me because I wasn't actually getting the results I needed and this really baffles me if I see other authors getting reward for their content and mine was excluded.

It was so frustrating that I had to stay away for almost two years and came back late last year in October. My coming back to the blockchain was different because I had to sit myself down in the steps I need to take to get in getting rewards for my content. The first thing I checked was I noticed those set of people that I do look up to in the platform were still consistent in posting and their reputation and account has grown unlike when I left almost two years back.

Then I decided to follow some steps which I believe is working for me now though not as I expected but at least there is a Little changes now.

The steps I took in maintaining my stay in the blockchain

  • Consistency
  • Socialize
  • Never give up
  • Be hardworking
  • Plagiarism free
  • engage


I believe this is one of the major key to maintain that aim of been in the blockchain because as you keep on posting and commenting on people's post it create awareness for people to visit your post and this helps in building your account and also ideology of what content you can be posting to maintain that stay.

To socialize

To socialize is also very important to maintain that stay and consistency in the blockchain. When we mention the word socialize is the act of communicating with others in the blockchain especially when commenting on people's post and then replying messages in your content as well with this act it helps in growing your account and then creating awareness for new friends to visit your post and then Making new friends as well.

Never give up

I believe we know the importance of not giving up in chasing a particular goal to be successful because as always challenges would occur but follow that part of achieving success at the end would definitely make you eradicate the act of giving up. As a newbie it may be challenging to start seeing changes occur positively where rewards or upvote might hardly come but maintaining that consistency and putting more effort would definitely have changes sooner or later.

Be hardworking

The hive blockchain is definitely not a room for lazy people especially when having the desire to be consistent but mind you nobody is forced to be here likewise nobody is forced to be in the blockchain daily, but your contribution in achieving something beneficial matters as lot. Never relent in achieving success and be hardworking which I believe we have a turnaround sooner or later.

plagiarism free

The blockchain is not a platform for copy and paste where the act of copying people's post without giving them credit is not allowed here. Be real and genuine always make sure your contents are your hardwork and effort and I believe your good to go in maintaining that stay and getting rewards for it. This have really kept me going in the blockchain.


The word engage may sound similar with Socialize but I believe there's a little difference between the two. Engagement in the blockchain is very important especially when participating in contest organise by some communities and individuals in the blockchain and this helps in growing oneself and account in the blockchain. This particular contest is a good example to participate likewise others that do occur as well helps in building oneself and this also have helped me a lot in the blockchain.

There are so many more steps to follow in having that positive change in the blockchain but with the little I listed above have helped me achieve a little unlike when I first joined the platform and I encourage every other newbies who are just joining to never give up but be hardworking and consistent in achieving goals in the blockchain.

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