The amazing Ecency

Hi guys, welcome to my blog, I am a big fan of ecency and I've been using since the start, because the have amazing features, let me start with the interesting ones.

First of all, ecency points. Anytime you vote, reblog and comment on others post you receive ecency points, which can help you boost your post, even when you blog a post you will receive those ecency points. Once you've gotten 150 ecency points you can boost your post and get 1 hive (HBD), this feature of ecency is very amazing and it helps us to boost our post.

Another amazing feature is ecency is the wallet, the wallet makes it easier to see you account balance and also claim some unclaimed rewards. It also makes it easier to claim tokens in t spk SPK and hive-engine. Ecency also allows you stake tokens in the wallet, which is very amazing.

Another interesting thing about Ecency app is that when you click on someone's name like @edwincj, it show you the persons profile, it shows you how many years the person has been using the app, how many post the person have made, how many followers the person has and how many people are following him or her. It also show you the persons resource credit (RC), and reputation, this is very amazing.

Mine has network issue so it didnt show my profile picture.

Another amazing feature of ecency is that it makes it easier for you to post, when you enter the app, you will see a pen which means where you can blog a post. Literally everything about Ecency is amazing and I would continuously use it and I also back them up
Thanks all, and i encourage you all to support the ecency update proposal, in the link below:


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