Vision - White label, profile tooltip, persistent editor options

Excited to share start of next chapter for Vision - Ecency website/desktop. In this update we have included some user facing improvements as well as major changes into vision software.


Ever since talks of possibility for to adopt Ecency vision begin, we were wondering what will be the future of this software and how we can fully utilise opensource nature of software, invite many contributors. So we started working on white labelling, which needs extra tweaks into already working software to make it easily adopted, there are still some work left, but we hope we can collectively, with community make it perfect and improve user experience together.

What's new

  • Posting key login - those who don't want to share posting authority to 3rd party Dapps but want all operations that could be done with posting private key, we improved login flow to enable just that. As all of active operations are hot signed with HiveSigner and HiveKeychain, Private Active key, this was quite reasonable addition with some tweaks in our authentication for APIs.
  • Human readable error handling, Errors are now more informative and easier to understand and more importantly possible to translate into different languages.
  • Profile tooltip - now you can see more information about user in profile page with tooltip.
  • Social rewards - introduced social rewards, learn more about how you can earn extra here
  • Editor advanced section persistence of entered values while it is in temporary draft
  • Link adding dialog to easily format link and alt text
  • RSS improvements for empty feeds
  • New, faster version of Render Helper, more on that in separate post.
  • Auto scroll to comment, links that include comment link will auto scroll
  • New, smaller version of Hivesigner SDK v3.2.5
  • i18n html sanitisation to protect user from different phishing/xss attacks
  • Translation updates in various languages
  • Configurable private API - this is more technical improvement allowing anyone to start instance of vision with minimal configuration. Opening doors to everyone to contribute. Blocktrades team can easily start instance of Vision and start testing it in staging instance of With these changes, you could potentially have desktop version of as well.

We will continue working on more features and welcome community developers to try out Ecency Vision on or run your own instance from Github or Docker image with one line command 😱🚀.


Stay healthy, stay excited, stay united! Don't forget to share news with your friends.

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