Vision - rising, controversial, Uzbek and more...

Excited to share our new release for New categories of feed for exploring more content. Pinning content to blog, Uzbek language, Internal content linking and more.


What's new

  • New filter Rising - now you have ability to view rising content meaning content that has most active comments for Today, This Week, This Month, This Year and All.
  • New filter Controversial - ever wondered if there are controversial content, now you can see them all with ease. Content that gets increased downvote and upvote ratio listed there for This Week, This Month, This Year and All.
  • Pinning to blog - this feature we have pushed to production earlier but haven't announced, you can pin post into your blog/profile page.
  • Persisting scroll position, we have fixed scroll positioning, when you open content and come back you are scrolled back to same position.
  • Auto complete while commenting, ability to mention account and content quick has been added into comment inputs as well.
  • Uzbek language is enabled, Ecency now speaks Uzbek, first Central Asian language.
  • Other translation strings, updated
  • Many other bug fixes which you can monitor from our official Github page

We are expecting to release desktop app with these new changes in couple days after thorough checks.

Are you developer or translator or just want to contribute to Ecency? Feel free to check our opensource projects and join our discord to get in touch.


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