Vision - Profile preview, Engine, Russian, Search and more

Huge update went live few moments ago. got some of the major changes and improvements. (1400+ commits).

Really excited to share some of the details of what we have been working on.


What's new

  • Quick Profile preview, check accounts quickly without leaving a page, just hover on username/avatar.
  • True immutability, deleted post/comment? No problem, you can still view them on Ecency, if you know link of any deleted content, try opening them on
  • Hive Engine tokens, initial integration of Engine tokens, huge thanks to @tipy.
  • Proposal search bar, you can now search proposal quickly.
  • Proposal who voted which? You can view which proposals are voted by someone by adding ?voter=username in proposals page/url and you will get highlight of proposals voted by that user.
  • Russian language, now speaks Russian as well
  • Search in Profile pages, find posts and comments with ease. You can use ?q=keyword in URL as well.
  • Search in Community pages, find content that interest you within community, ?q=keyword in URL works as well.
  • Content selection options, want to share snippet to Twitter or quote in your replies, now with quick context menu, you are able to do just that.
  • Delegation related operations improved, we have improved re-delegation, pending delegations, search etc.
  • Search as you type in main search bar, main search bar does instant search.
  • FAQ page improved, search bar added, added easy to find questions and answers.
  • Permissions page to manage keys, unified password change and private key viewing under single page.
  • Post thumbnail selection, now you can select any image from content body as thumbnail.
  • APR information in wallet, interest information in wallet pages.
  • Muting accounts display changes, improved how muting and low rated content displays.
  • Voting slider warning improved, thanks to @forykw
  • Many many bug fixes and improvements, more than 1400 commits 😮 check all our Github commits here!

We will push update to desktop apps within few days after some testing.

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