Vision - guided ui, simplified global filters, Chinese and more

Vision ('s codename) got many enhancement during and after recent blockchain update (Hive Hardfork). In this post, we will briefly talk about changes.


What's new

  • Guided user interface - This is one of the small step to make simplest, fastest and best social network for onboarding and welcoming new people into decentralized web. Right after login, you are guided through global filters and perform some basic actions follow people, join communities, etc. We will be working on improving it with each new update.


  • Improve avatar changing - simplified avatar change, now you can just lick on pen icon next to avatar and you are good to go, can upload and change profile picture easily.
  • Information icon with more detailed guide, unified information icon across multiple pages.
  • Voters screen search - Now it is possible to quickly search account from Voters screen.
  • Referral links and easy, copyable field in profile settings page.
  • View private keys - You signed up with and don't know your private keys? Now you can view your keys in Settings page.
  • Voting slider improved - we made it more intuitive for downvote and added some information when changing vote.
  • Signup page improved, to make screens and illustrations consistent, we updated graphics on Signup page.
  • Global filters improved - now, by default you will see Friends feed (people you follow), Community (trending, hot, new) feed (communities you joined) and have option to see Global feeds with extra check.
  • Profile and community page improved - Filters expanded on desktop/computer screens.
  • Chinese language added.
  • Account history expanded - new operations from Hardfork and more detailed description of other operations are added.
  • Fallback images updated to better quality.
  • Many many many many improvements and bug fixes 😊 Check our Github commits here!

We will push update to desktop apps within few days after some testing.


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