Vision - cross posts, undo reblogs, transactions, history and more

Excited to share our next bundle of changes into Vision, which went live on earlier today. This update includes many neat and very useful features that will enhance your experience. Giving you more flexibility, control while maintaining fast and renewed social experience.


What's new

  • Cross posts, now you are able to cross post content into different communities and also able to view original cross posted content easily. 🌊
  • Undo Reblogs, wouldn't you want to undo some old reblogs?! Well, now you can, we have added this feature where you can just click on reblogged button to delete reblogged content from your Blog page. 🎉
  • Transaction filters, we have added categorised filters for transactions in Wallet and Points page, it is much more intuitive and informative. 🚀
  • History, you could view content history, content revisions or edit versions before but now we made it easier. Simply add ?history at the end of content URL and you will see full history, great for sharing link. 😎
  • Signup, redesigned signup page to be more appealing for new comers. 🎶
  • Extra options, we have added 3 dots extra options to simplify some of the actions like promoting, pinning content, boosting, sharing, muting, etc. 🤝
  • Editor tag addition, previous versions were bit confusing because it required to Enter after each tag to be attached into your post, now simple comma and space should work as well. ✍️
  • Image upload dialog, implemented better image uploading experience for mobile users. 📲
  • Clipboard improvement, we have fixed issue on editor page if device doesn't have support for clipboard. 📋
  • NSFW filters, in settings page we have added options for NSFW content so you have ability to control behaviour. 📺
  • Added support for spotify embeds. 🎵
  • Post page design improvements. 🌅
  • Optimize notifications component. 🔔
  • Many more bug fixes and improvements.

We will continue working on more features and welcome developers to try out Ecency Vision on or run your own instance from


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