Vision - community rewards, tipping, docker and more

One of the major update we were working on went live just now. Community rewards, create and grow your own community, increase engagement with Ecency Points. Tipping, now giving authors extra reward is single click away. Read on to learn more about these changes and how it works.


What's new

  • Community rewards - Your communities now can earn Points with every new post. Go to and register for Community rewards program and every time there is new post inside community, community account can earn points. Idea is to give communities their own rewards, so they can incentivise and grow members, organize contests, giveaways, all self-sustaining and flourishing. Here is an example of Ecency community page, in screenshot you see Community Rewards link, just click with community account hive-xxxxxx to sign custom_json operation and that's it. Community should have 100+ members to register.
    Simple requirements for rewards, posts that are published from Ecency and has payout of at least 0.05 in first hour will reward their community with 20 Points. We might be improving this as we see how communities are utilising it. 😎

  • Tipping - another quick way to reward authors, tip them Points, HIVE, HBD directly with couple clicks. This is awesome feature which will give you possibility to reward authors for their older
    content and/or just thank them with pleasant surprise, personal gift/tip. 🎶

  • Image linking - we noticed sometimes clicking on image upload icon would create empty markdown linking text, so we improved it with popup dialog so formatting could be made better/easier. 🌈

  • Instant feedback - improvement on payout and vote value instantly after vote is cast.

  • Language files updated

  • Voting power indicator improved

  • Optimized Dockerfile for better and smaller image sizes, big shoutout to @nicniezgrublem for his contribution and help. 🚀 We are now running dockerized instance with swarm.

  • Other minor bug fixes which you can monitor from our official Github page

We are expecting to release desktop app with these new changes in next few days after thorough checks as usual.

Are you developer or translator or just want to contribute to Ecency? Feel free to check our opensource projects and join our discord to get in touch.


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