Vision - best search, snippets, password and more

Excited to announce another set of improvements we just pushed to With each release we are focusing to bring more and more value to all our users. You get fastest surfing experience but we don't want to stop there, we want to make it more convenient for your day to day social, blogging and financial experience. Read below to learn what new changes this new update includes...


What's new

  • Best search - Proudly presenting you the best search page in Hive that you can find anything and filter any result. Just type and you will find everything from blockchain, Posts, People, Communities and Topics all in one screen.
  • Advanced search options - We even added Advanced section for you to narrow your searches with more details. All powered by Hivesearcher
  • Snippets - Introducing Snippets, you can save any number of snippets and footers and use them anywhere, in posts, in comments, on top or bottom or middle of your content. We believe it will help you accomplish many things without much hassle. You can find Snippets button in Editor and Reply sections, so you can quickly select any snippet you want to be added into your content.
  • Password change - In profile Settings page, we have added option to change your password. In our onboarding effort, we give notice to every new signup to change their password, now we have place where they can do just that. Make sure you keep your password and private keys safely stored.
  • Italian added - New language added into, along with other language updates.
  • Profile edit - fix on profile editing form and update avatar instantly, better cache handling.
  • Performance - improve tag and community category handling for better performance
  • Convert state - added indicator in wallet page if user has ongoing convert request
  • Server upgrades - we did server upgrade as well, which boosted our page loads even more.
  • Many more fixes and improvements which you can monitor from our official Github page

We are expecting to release desktop app with these new changes in next few days after thorough checks as usual.

Are you developer or translator or just want to contribute to Ecency? Feel free to check our opensource projects and join our discord to get in touch.


Stay healthy, stay excited, stay united! Don't forget to share news with your friends.

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