Translate Ecency to your language

Excited to invite everyone to be part of Ecency through translation program. Our next update on website is almost ready and some of the new changes already available in alpha website.


Multi-culture and multi-language was always one of the strongest points of Ecency/Esteem because we embrace people from all culture and nations. With that said, we are launching new translation program where you can make Ecency speak in your tongue and get rewarded in process.

How to contribute translating Ecency?

To join translating Ecency website and desktop app

To join translating Ecency mobile app

Next update of website and desktop app is going out in a day or two. We have Finnish language ready to go on top of English, do you want to see your language as well? Join us!

Earn extra reward

We are giving out 1000 Ecency points for contributions with more than 150 strings, phrases. Create a post about your work in #hive-125125 (Ecency) community, we will also upvote contribution posts as well.

Thank you, let's build future together! 🚀♥️🌊

Support Ecency, in our mission:

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