RSS feed for communities and your blogs

How to get RSS feed for your community and blogs with Ecency?

In this post, we want to share you some tricks on how to get updates or notifications to your email when your favourite author makes a post or when community you enjoy reading has something new or even when someone makes a post in certain topic or #tag. And automate many possible tasks with few simple clicks and without any programming skills.


RSS feeds are great way to get notified, if you like reading and learning about new skills, you have ability to setup automated notification to your email. Tools like Blogtrottr, Feedrabbit, Zapier, IFTTT helps you to automate RSS feed for free and easily.

You can also automate post sharing to your social media, for example if your friend makes a post you might want to get notified and auto share their post to your channels on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook.

With Ecency, you can find RSS feed for every author/user, every tag with filter and every community.

Open your profile on Ecency and find RSS feed left bottom of screen.

  • RSS feed for your blog, example for @good-karma looks like this:

  • RSS feed for your community, example for posts on Ecency community looks like this:

  • RSS feed for topics you love, example of Newly created DIY (do it yourself) topics with #diy tag looks like this:

With examples above, you can setup automated distribution of your content to Social media sites (RSS to Instagram, RSS to Twitter, RSS to Facebook, RSS to Slack, RSS to Telegram, RSS to Wordpress, RSS to LinkedIn, RSS to Discord, Receive email notifications, create newsletters and many more possibilities.

Try it out and let us know what best use cases you tried for your blog or community with RSS feeds. Make a post about it and share with us, we will reward best and creative uses with Ecency points.

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