Onboarding update

Ecency and OCD has been continuing to onboard more and more people everyday. We want to make sure new people find process easy and start learning, creating and having fun. We have made some improvements in our onboarding process few days ago which will help new accounts as well as make sure signups are not abused.


Couple weeks ago @gtg mentioned GetIPIntel service that helps with detecting malicious or vpn, proxy, tor IP addresses. Previously we have used ip quality score to make sure new signups are unique and not being abused. We updated our scripts to use GetIPIntel and looks like it is working slightly better and it is open/free which aligns with the spirit of Ecency.

Another improvement, we started to Delegate some amount of Hive Power to new signups. We have heard many times that new signups having less Resource credits and not understanding system due to complexity, hitting default limits and getting confused. This new initiative hopefully will help, so new signups can interact bit more.

We are delegating 9500.123456 VESTS (edit: we have doubled the amount ~10HP until further evaluation) which is over 5 HP at the moment. Instead of default 2 comments, new accounts can now make ~7 comments which is quite reasonable in our opinion.
Delegation stays until account earns more than delegated amount (~5 HP). To manage delegated HP efficiently, we wrote delegation check script that returns delegation if it is idle or if a new person already earned more than delegated amount. We have shared updated scripts with OCD team, if they will adopt the changes, accounts created by them will also be using new changes.

If you are planning to help with onboard, feel free to try this code. You can review delegation check script here: https://github.com/ecency/delegation-check

What do you think about updates ?

How much HP new account needs in your opinion?

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