Onboarding more users, join us

Ecency has been onboarding many new users into ecosystem for almost a year now and we have one of the best and easiest, conventional onboarding method. Our signup is very simple and easy to digest for average internet users. Just choose username and email address, you have your account in matter of seconds. We even have referral system that can earn you Ecency Points for inviting friends.


We have released probably more than 15 iterations of this software to handle all edge cases, minimise abuse and automated signups. Proud to say, we have 99% legitimate people signups, this of course doesn't exclude multiple account creation from single person but even that is limited to location of person. So we can safely say that we have found a good balanced signup that is accessible and easy to use.

Our next goal is to carry new people with better guides and tips on UI level, so they don't get overwhelmed with so many new information.

We are requesting if you have spare Hive Power, please delegate to @ecency, we are continuously claiming account credits for these signups. Growing ecosystem together!

You will also earn daily Ecency Points for your delegation which will be your gateway to Ecency token.

On top of that, we are working on script to give you curation reward for your Hive Power delegation. So you will get Ecency Points + Curation reward + Help us continue to onboard more users.

Delegate Hive Power now and mine Ecency Points + curation reward daily + help onboard people:

50 HP | 100 HP | 500 HP | 1000 HP | 5000 HP | 10K HP | 20K HP | 50K HP | 100K HP | 200K HP | 500K HP | 1M HP

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