Mobile - switch account, recommended and editor improvements

Ecency mobile app received another set of improvements and update with better switching accounts, improved user side menu, recommended users and communities for new users and editor improved with new approach and scheduling fixes. Read on to learn more details about this update below.


What's new

  • Switching account, we made switching account much simpler and easier. Twitter style approach gives more easier grasp of possibilities of Ecency mobile app. This coupled with few more improvements on Side menu, we think makes app even more appealing to average internet users.
SidemenuAccount switch
  • Recommended users and communities - It is crucial for us to guide new users. After they signup with mobile application, they are usually faced with empty feed and don't know what to do, so we added recommended section, so new user can right away start following few people or join communities to fill their feed.
  • Editor page - Improved scrolling so that there are more space for writing content. In last update we added easy selection of community during posting and now with title and tags fields scrolling, we think it will take your mobile contents into next level.
Mobile editorPost into communities
  • Scheduling posts - This feature was one of the best feature we had but for some reason datetime selection was broken, we have fixed and improved scheduling posts feature. You can now enjoy scheduling your posts and they all work in sync with, where you can draft/schedule from mobile and check from desktop, vice versa.
Editor optionsScheduling post
  • Account management - We use local storage on device to handle account data and now, we made some improvements so when you change account from one to another, switch should be much faster because data management flow is handled in separate thread, async manner.

  • Communities fetching - there was few bugs causing selection of nodes with old hivemind data, making user experience bad, so we unified rpc calls and handle node selection better.

  • Various bug fixes on profile page and performance improvements on search pages.

If you are React Native developer, feel free to join and help developing features we all love using, our mobile application is opensource.

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