Introducing Social rewards

Many are familiar with poshbot which comments on post if content is shared on Twitter. We made it bit more fun now. You can earn Ecency points when sharing your post into Twitter. 😱


How it works?

We have noticed many have been sharing their posts to drive engagement and we wanted to see if we can give bit more incentive. Since yesterday, you might be noticing Social reward in your Points transaction history if your post is shared on Twitter by someone else or you. Rules are simple, Twitter - account should be more than 1 month old and has 40+ followers, Post - should be less than 3 days and tweet should contain link with

You can share your friend's awesome content as well to reward them, author of post will receive points. This is basically extra free tipping/exposure to author. Super cool right, we are excited to see how you guys use it.


Stay healthy, stay excited, stay united! Don't forget to share news with your friends.

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