How to Login on Ecency?

You are here and got your Hive account. Now what to do and how to login into Ecency? How to use Hive account and credentials to login? In this post we will give you brief steps on how to login and how to start using your Web3.0 Hive accounts.

There are currently 3 options to Login on Ecency. You can use your Hive account and credentials securely to login and start using Ecency.

  1. Standard Login
  2. Login with Hivesigner
  3. Login with Keychain

1. Standard login

Standard login is simplest way to get started. You can use your individual private keys or password.

  • Open your browser and go to

  • Then click Login in the top right corner


In the opened window enter your Hive username and Master password or Active/Posting Private Key that you have created while signing up.


  • That's it! Congratulation, you have successfully login to the Ecency account.

2. Login using Hivesigner (OAuth2)

Ecency also allows its users to log in to Ecency using Hivesigner. Hivesigner also maintained by Ecency team, it allows you to login securely without providing your credentials into Ecency directly. You need to have an Hive account as usual. If you have the option to Login with Hivesigner, then you should use it because it is 1. very secure, 2. easy to manage multiple accounts. When very difficult to remember so many passwords, hivesigner acts as password manager helping you to sign securely. Here is Ecency Login with Hivesigner step-by-step guide.

  • Go to Login page then click Login with Hivesigner


  • It will redirect you to where Ecency ask you to access your Hive account information like username and sign secure access token etc.


  • Fill in your Hive username and private key
  • You can optionally encrypt your credentials on
  • That's it. After login, you will be redirected back to

3. Login with Keychain

This option only available in browsers with Keychain extension installed. Keychain is browser extension that helps you manage your accounts and credentials so you can quickly login and sign transactions on or any Hive applications that supports it.


  • Enter your username in next screen


  • Keychain will ask you to unlock your credentials


  • Keychain then will detect your username and appropriate credentials. If you already imported your account into Keychain, it will sign some message with your credentials.


  • That's it, you will be logged into Ecency with Keychain.

Note in future, Ecency might support other login methods. We will update this post with more information.

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