How to learn more about person or community?

Being on the Ecency and on blockchain means being in the opensource platform where everything built and owned by users. Account or Community page likely holds more information about them than just their posts and blogs. You may find their comments, replies, communities they manage or part of, wallet information and much more. For communities, you can learn more about how many subscribers, how many active authors currently posting, pending rewards, description, posting rules, leadership, content and other activities.

If you didn't know about it yet let's learn it together:

The search box at the top of Ecency site allows you to find a specific person easily:

Under user's profile picture there are basic informations like "about", location, followers and other details users prefer to write.
Yet there are another informations that you can find top of the cover image like what kind of blogs and posts user created, his/her comments, replies and so membership information about communities and the whole wallet information.

You can search communities as well, if you start typing text with $, search would find you some results instantly.

For communities, you get quite similar page but with more information about current state of community. Activities, members, pending rewards, description, rules, content, pinned content, etc.

That's it

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