Ecency's new website and desktop app are now opensource

As many of you know since early this year, we have started to write our Ecency website from scratch with better technology stack and use best practices we learned over the course of last 4 years. New website and rebranding came at the same time and we heavily invested time, resources to make sure website is the fastest website on blockchain. Proudly, we can say that we have achieved that. Ecency website is much smaller in size, much faster to load, much intuitive and saves a lot of internet data usage for all devices. And speed of website doesn't come only with technology stack you use for programming, although it is big part of it, there are other factors that contribute together.


We are excited to opensource so more developers and entrepreneurs can help us grow this ecosystem. All of our essential user facing applications are opensource, because we believe in open, volunteer collaboration and it is the key to grow not only products but entire ecosystem. We are also the first project who initiated community based open translation programs, with help of all our friends, you, we have current version of mobile application available in more than 25 languages, older version of app was available in 58+ languages. All of theses were possible with open collaboration. We will soon start translation of and desktop application, we hope you will help us once again.

We want community to feel that Ecency is their dear home on internet, as we say, we are "social network built, owned and operated by its users".

Ecency website and desktop application source code

Ecency mobile application source code

If you are developer, translator, influencer feel free to contribute, fork, translate to your own language, share news.

Stay tuned, stay excited, stay united!

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