Desktop - undo reblogs, cross post, transaction filters and more

Excited to share with you, we have pushed new update to Ecency desktop application. After thorough testing, we are confident that new changes are stable and working great.


What's new

  • All new features from latest website release, see changes here: @ecency/vision-cross-posts-undo-reblogs
  • Language files updated
  • Set HBD as default currency for new installs, previously USD represented as HBD but now USD value of posts are bit higher due to HBD price being above the peg. So you can change still change display currency to USD but this time it will show real USD value of post payout, separate currency added into list of currencies.

Join desktop translation team:
10 languages already enabled on Ecency website and desktop app, thanks to our awesome contributors.

Stay tuned, stay excited, stay united! Don't forget to share news with your friends.





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