❄️'Esie Christmas Contest'❄️ - ANNOUNCEMENT (UPDATED)

Christmas is coming and Esie is getting ready for it! And she wants to share her Christmas mood and magic with you, with her friends! So, she decided to organize a Christmas Contest.


The contest will be based on your tips, recommendations, and stories about Christmas that you kindly shared with Esie last time!

Contest categories

  1. Christmas menu 🍾
    Tell us about the Christmas food. It can be something that you usually have for Christmas or want to have. You can share the recipe or just tell us about the food.

  2. Christmas mood🎉
    Tell us what makes you feel the Christmas? Do you decorate your home for Christmas? Watch Christmas movies? Wear Christmas pajama?

  3. Christmas stories ✏️
    Tell us any story related to Christmas. It can be something from your life or you can make it up.

  4. Christmas gift 🎁
    Tell us what kind of gift you would like to get or what you want to give to your family and friends.

  5. Christmas tree🎄
    That is the Art category. Draw, create, take a photo, video... of a Christmas tree and share it with us. But don't forget to accompany your artwork with a text description of at least 100 words.

  6. Winter Holiday❄️
    There are people who don't have or don't celebrate Christmas. But Esie is curious if there are any other winter holidays that you have or like. And it will be great if can tell us about it☺️


  • Choose the category and Make your entry (artwork or story)
  • Put the link to that post in your entry
  • The post should be at least 100 words length
  • Use the hashtags #esieadventures, #ecencychristmas
  • Leave in the comments under that post the link with your entry
  • One entry per category
  • No plagiarism!

And one more thing:

Tag your friend and wish him/her Merry Christmas :)



We will select 3 winners from each category!

1st place: 500 Ecency Points
2nd place: 300 Ecency Points
3rd place: 100 Ecency Points
Each entry: 30 Ecency Points

And I will remind you once more:

💙You can participate in each category💙

Esie is waiting for your entries! ☺️


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