[Ecency] Contests List and the Contest Announcement! (June 21)


Happy Tuesday!

I made the first list of ongoing contests a few days ago. Most of those contests last for a week, and some of them have ended. I decided to update that list with actual contests, and I will try to add the deadline date.

I will remind you that those contests are the contests where you can win Ecency points!!! / What are Ecency points? /

❗❗❗ Read that post till the end to find one more contest! 😊

If I miss any contest, please, mention it in the comment, so I will add it. Thanks!

Photo Contests

Writing Contests


Rules are easy!!!
Just participate in any or in every contest listed above.
Then share the link with your contest entry below in the comments.
When that post will reach a payout I will choose 3 winners (with a help of a randomizer) and give 50 ECENCY POINTS to each winner!

❗❗❗Also, don't forget about the monthly Discord giveaway where all you need to do is to stay active on the @Ecency Discord channel!❗

Most of these giveaways are going on on weekly basis, so check the current topic and rules! And don't miss that unique chance! I will try to update that list regularly too!




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