My Most Utilized feature on the ecency Dapp

Since I joined the hive Blockchain in the year 2020, ecency app has been my favorite dapp and this is because of its ease of use and user friendliness. The constant upgrade has been mind-blowing especially with the swap recently added in its feature. So many things interest me about ecency app and I've utilized every one of its features. I noticed newbies , usually users who are fond of web2, find the ecency dapp more convenient and easy for them to use. They find the features almost similar to that which they're familiar with.

Among the various features on the ecency app, I noticed I use the "boost" feature most often. I utilize the other features but when it comes to ranking, I use the boost a lot, not only to boost my own post but the posts of others I consider deserve more vote. And the boost feature is one of the reasons I like the frontend, earning points through engagement and in return using it to boost a post is a great feeling. I believe the ecency dapp is expanding and with it's new features like the wave, and other intending project, it's going to be a blast. Check out their proposal in the link below and vote for it if you believe it's deserves your support.

Ecency proposal

The ecency team are working tirelessly to ensure the dapp provides a more convenient environment and additional features to ensure more interaction. Some of these are ; an ecency lite(for waves), short reels, re-implementing hivesigner, better filters and ecency chat. This development I believe would be worth investing in, every upgrade on the ecency Dapp has always been worth it. You can read more about the proposal on the link I shared above.

Below are some of the ecency team members. You can contact them if you have any questions or confusion that needs clarification.

@melinda010100, @xuwi

Do have a great day and thanks for reading through

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