Ecency-dreemport challenge: Introducing Myself

I know I'm late for the challenge but I was given a grace period, no worries I'll be a day behind but it's better late than never. I was nominated by @chidubem26 and I've decided to use this week for fun with the challenge. I'm David wisdom, this I have abbreviated with the username "dwixer", it may not really match but somehow it's related. I was wondering what to introduce about myself and I felt it good to say some facts about me, yeah! Certain facts that only me and probably my close friends know. I have a lot of them but I'll mention just a few.

    I heal faster

Not the healing from blood clotting or an injury, even though I do but emotionally I've learned to adapt and heal faster. I have seen people suffer from emotional trauma, some holding onto bitterness for long. Sometimes, it's not because they desire to, but because they're not able to heal as much as they try, but that's totally opposite of me, it takes me just a few hours to resume to being the happy me with no worries and grudges. Sometimes people assume I don't feel hurt because of this trait, they only don't know that I heal faster.


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   I'm a shy person

If you have a chance to talk to me, you'll never think I'm the shy type. People usually assume me to be the social type and an extrovert, when in essence I just like to lock myself indoors and sleep. Yes, I love to sleep at every given opportunity. One will only notice how shy I am when we're alone. In the crowd, I try to speak up but deep down, I'm not as courageous as I seem, I only learned to camouflage the shyness with an art of talking.


Finally, I enjoy being alone. My best moments are the times when I was all by myself, no distractions, just me lying on my bed. Sometimes people might not know this, everyone assumes someone is lonely each time he or she is sitting all by herself or himself, but that's totally different about me. I prefer to be on my own and probably doing anything I enjoy at the moment. I like to be simple, yeah, very simple, I just don't like complex things, I'm too lazy to start to think hard when I should be sleeping, hahahaha! Remember I once said I love to sleep..that's me, I like to live simple with no problems.

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